Top 10 vehicles targeted for tickets

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Hummer H2

The Hummer H2/H3 tops the list for most ticketed vehicles. Image: Flickr/Anatoli Axelrod

Getting a ticket is never fun. For most members of the driving public, though, it’s a part of life. On average, .23 tickets are issued for every 100,000 vehicle miles driven in the United States. Certain vehicles tend to drive that average up — though whether it is because of the drivers or the vehicle is impossible to say. Based on an average of tickets issued in 2007 and 2008, these are the 10 vehicles ticketed most often in the United States:

10 – Toyota Matrix

Drivers in a Toyota Matrix, on average, received 2.64 times more tickets than most drivers. At a rate of .6 tickets per 100,000 miles driven, this vehicle is just the first of many Toyota cars to make the list.

9 – Audi A4

The Audi A4 has a reputation for speed and luxury at a relatively low price, making it attractive to young buyers with a habit of driving a bit more dangerously.

8 – Subaru Outback

All-weather capability and hauling capacity combined apparently is the perfect recipe for a ticket. Easier to spot and on the roads much more often, Subaru Outbacks tend to get about .62 tickets per 100,000 miles traveled.

7 – Scion xA

Concentrated in urban environments, where tickets tend to be more common, the Scion xA tends to clock in at about .63 tickets per 100,000 miles.

6 – Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG

The first muscle car on the list, drivers of this 500-horsepower beast get 2.76 times more tickets than average.

5 – Toyota Camry Solara

A two-door coupe with a sunroof, the Solara tends to be popular with a wide range of people. These drivers, though, also tend to get tickets at a rate of about 2.95 times more than average.

4 – Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG

This Mercedes has a huge jump in tickets. With 3.97 times more tickets than average, this high-horse-power vehicle tends to catch the attention of officers.

3 – Scion xB

Higher off the ground and boxy, this Scion xB gets an average of almost one ticket per 100,000 miles – more than four times the average of most.

2 – Scion tC

The most classic-looking Scion gets about 4.6 times the number of tickets than most. 1.05 tickets per 100,000 miles driven makes this Toyota vehicle the most ticket-prone that the car maker sells.

1 – Hummer H2/H3

Though the combined category of Hummer H2 and H3 may send the numbers a bit higher, the simple fact is that these conspicuous vehicles’ drivers get more tickets than any other. It could be design, it could be personality, or it could be attention — but long story short, if you drive a Hummer, you are more likely to be talking with a cop.

The least-ticketed vehicle in the study? The Jaguar XJ Sedan.


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