Be aware of the tricks car salespeople use to make the sale

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A female consumer is being shown a new car by a car salesman.

Buying a new car is exciting. Car salespeople know this and use emotional appeal to their advantage. (Photo: ThinkStock)

Car salespeople who offer a no-pressure, honest sales face to the public will still engage in a number of psychological tricks and triggers to get you to buy that new car. Typically it’s perfectly legal. Thus, consumers should know car salespeople tricks of the trade before going shopping at a lot.

Car salespeople are trying to make a living

Recessionary times require extra sales ingenuity from car salespeople. Here are some of the most common tricks car salespeople will use to make the sale. Thanks to All About Auto Zone for the heads up; Car Deal Expert will fill in the blanks.

1. Using emotional appeal

Buying a new car is exciting. Even if it’s used, it’s new to you. Car salespeople will attempt to tap into the emotional highs of expectation to guide you into a purchase. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, you’ll want to keep your logical brain ready in reserve to analyze whether a deal is as good as the salesperson is trying to make you feel.

2. Let’s be friends

While many car salespeople don’t begin their day with the stated goal of ruining a poor consumer’s life, it can sure end up that way. Just remember that it isn’t you and the salesperson against the big bad dealer; the salesperson needs to profit from the transaction, as they are earning commission. Your car salesperson could be friendly by nature, but you can’t let your guard down and assume they are truly a friend. Be logical and expect some psychological gamesmanship. The car salesperson wants you to relax and drop your guard.

3. Know your trade-in value

Knowing the Blue Book value of any vehicle you may be offering up as a trade-in is essential. Otherwise, you won’t know just how much the dealer is trying to undersell you. Fair trade-in value can be determined via Blue Book, Edmunds Used Car Prices or a host of other sources. Look it upon online or get a copy at the bookstore before you go to the lot.

4. High trade-in and high selling price

Your best friend the car salesperson may impress you with an inordinately high dollar amount for your trade-in. Of course, there can be a trade off. You may face a barrage of hard-sell options, a higher selling price or even higher interest rate (why not use Car Deal Expert instead?)

5. Offer expires today

This is rarely true. If a car salesperson insists that their offer is only good today, or even for the next hour, it’s typically bogus. Be on your guard.

6. The salesperson is overly emphatic over your ability to afford payments

Walking you through the numbers to show you what monthly payments would look like is one thing. However, going to great lengths to assure you that you can afford the monthly payment they’ve devised could be a warning sign. You need to know what you can afford; nobody else can make that decision for you. If they’re playing amateur psychologist and using every method under the sun to console and convince you, then they’re probably trying to hard sell you.

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