VW shows four new Up! concepts in Geneva

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The Volkswagen Up! at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Image: Autoviva.com/Flickr/CC BY

Volkswagen unveiled variations of its new three-door supermini van, the Up!, at the Frankfurt Motor Show last fall. It will be showing four new variations of the Up! next week at the Geneva Motor Show.

VW throws Up! out there

The Up!, which goes on sale in Europe on March 5, is an economical city vehicle with room for passengers and/or cargo. The company says a five-door version will be available later in the year.

Frankfurt variations

In Frankfurt last fall, VW showed three different Up! concept variations: the outdoorsy Cross Up!, the electric E-Up! and the turbocharged Up! GT. In an effort to show how versatile the concept is, VW will show the Swiss Up!, the Winter Up!, the X Up! and the Cargo Up! in Geneva, Switzerland next week.

The Swiss Up!

The Swiss Up!, according to Top Gear, is an Up! with a red and white paint job to emulate the Swiss flag. Plus there are pouches on the back of the seats tailored specifically to hold Swiss Army Knives.

The company’s press release says the concept is:

“As versatile as a Swiss Army Knife, so what better tribute to the host country of the Geneva Motor Show than the Swiss Up! concept?”

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The Winter Up!

Autoblog says the Winter, with its increased ride height and underbody protection, is merely a variation of the Cross Up! The beef in height and underbody padding will make it more versatile in snowy climes. And it has roof-mounted snowboards.

The company’s press concurs:

“The raised ride height and underbody protection create a rugged look, while the low weight of the Up!, along with front-wheel drive and ESP with electronic differential lock, make it surprisingly agile in slippery conditions.”

The X Up!

Built for nighttime excursions, the X Up! comes with roof-mounted searchlights. Also a variation on the Cross Up!, it likewise has the increased ride height. Top Gear, however, says its bright orange paint job will give away your night adventures if you are planning to be covert about it.

According to VW’s press release:

“Burnt orange exterior paint is complemented on the inside by two-tone door inserts and hand-sewn Up! logos.”

The Cargo Up!

Finally, there is the Cargo Up!, designed to haul all the stuff the supermini can carry. It features a gutted-out back end to create a 49-cubic-foot cargo hold that can carry up to 939 pounds. The Cargo Up! also borrows from the Cross Up! with its raised height and increased underbody protection.

The company’s press release tells more:

“A bulkhead with the upper half made from Plexiglas separates cargo from driver, while the rear and rear side windows are body-colored, keeping cargo safe from prying eyes while still allowing the driver to see through them.”


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