Hyundai unleashes budget-friendly Veloster Turbo hot hatch

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Veloster Turbo

Hyundai has released the details on its new hot hatchback, the Veloster Turbo. Photo Credit: loubeat/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

Hyundai has finally unveiled the details, including the price, on the hot-hatch version of its subcompact three-door, the Veloster. The Veloster Turbo, as it is called, can get almost 40 miles per gallon and packs 201 horsepower for under $23,000.

The furious frog

Hot hatchbacks are fantastic. They allow the driver to be responsible, by buying a family-friendly car that can pack the spouse, children and assorted gear, but also packing enough firepower under the hood to make the car fun to drive.

Hyundai, according to AutoGuide, has been working on a hot-hatch version of the Veloster, the compact three-door coupe made by the company. Various publications have likened the Veloster’s appearance to a frog, given the round back and slightly bulging front fascia. It has also been praised for being a fun drive, though the car is small and modestly powered. However, Hyundai has released the details on the Veloster Turbo, including price and available gadgets.

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Easy on the wallet

The Veloster Turbo, according to AutoBlog, adds a twin-scroll turbocharger to boost horsepower to 201 horsepower, up from 138 in the base model. Hyundai claims the turbo unit in the Veloster Turbo has been optimized to drastically reduce turbo lag.

Just like the base Veloster, the Turbo is available with a six-speed manual or six-speed dual-clutch automatic with wheel-mounted paddle shifters, though the Turbo uses a sportier automatic in lieu of the EcoMatic auto in the base Veloster. The automatic is a $1,000 option. The suspension and steering have also been sport-tuned.

Standard equipment includes a bespoke front fascia, ground effects, heated leather seats and LED tail lights. The Ultimate Package, a $2,500 option, adds a sunroof, satellite navigation and a back-up camera, back-up sensors and automated headlights.

The base model starts at $21,950 before a $775 delivery charge, according to AutoGuide, roughly $2,000 more than the base Veloster with the styling package, which is standard equipment for the base Turbo. The mileage is class-leading among hot hatchbacks, as it is rated for 26 miles per gallon city, 38 miles per gallon highway.

A solid pick

The Veloster, unique appearance aside, is a solid buy on power and price. The closest hot-hatch in terms of power would be the Volkswagen GTI and Beetle Turbo, both of which have 200-horsepower turbo-charged four-cylinders unter unser hoods. Both cost more for base models, at $23,995 and $23,395, respectively, and are less efficient, rated at 21 mpg city, 31 highway for the GTI and 21 mpg city, 30 highway for the Beetle.

More powerful hot hatches might be enticing, but there drawbacks to go with the added power. The 252 horsepower Ford Focus ST starts at $24,495, the 263-horsepower Mazda Speed3 starts at $24,000 and the 256-horsepower Subaru WRX five-door hatch starts at $25,595. The Ford isn’t EPA rated yet, but neither of the other two exceed 25 mpg highway. Mazda also, habitually, disdains cowards who want automatic transmissions in their sports cars; the Speed3 only comes with a manual. The WRX also requires premium 91 octane fuel.









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