The top ten most valuable auto brands

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BMW has taken Toyota's place as the top auto brand in the world. Image: loop-oh/Flickr/CC BY-ND

Taking into consideration what each auto brand has earned, what it is expected to earn, as well as a host of other factors, the marketing firm Millward Brown says it has determined which brands are the most “valuable” in the automotive world today.

Data and market research

The seventh-annual 2012 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study, commissioned by the communications services company WPP, ranks the 100 most valuable brands of products globally. Besides the available sales data, market intelligence and projections, Millward Brown excluded those items related to marketing. In addition, the firm conducted surveys, testing consumer reactions to various brands.

BMW usurps Toyota

While the list dos not just focus on auto brands, if you scroll down they eventually present themselves. According to the list, BMW, at number 23, is the top-valued auto brand. It usurps Toyota from that top-spot last year. The devastating natural disasters that affected the entire Japanese auto industry last year was perhaps what hampered Toyota. However, it still had sufficient ground to rank 28 on the list, as the second most valuable auto brand on Earth.

Korean automaker Hyundai made headway by nosing its way to the top-ten list for the first time ever.

Luxury automakers left behind

Along the way, the study noted that consumer demand for autos has been high in the U.S. of late. Millward Brown concludes that is at least partly because of the availability of reasonably priced, high-end vehicles. The dominion of luxury automakers, comfort, and convenience in cars is now available for models in the reach of the average consumer, not just the wealthy. The report says that luxury automakers are losing their footing on the list as a result.

Gen Y technophiles

The study also posits that Millennials, new to the car buying market, who tend to be more technophiles than gear heads, are skewing the dynamic. The report implies that the cars with the best gadgets will have the edge in coming surveys.

The top ten auto brands

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Here is the list of the ten most valuable auto brands in the world, according to the report, along with the estimated market value for each and its numbered ranking among all valued global brands. The final four items all ranked below the top 100 among all consumer brands:

1. BMW $24,623 million (23)

2. Toyota $21,779 million (28)

3. Mercedes-Benz $16,111 million (46)

4. Honda $12,647 million (65)

5. Nissan $9,853 million (81)

6. Volkswagen $8,519 million (96)

7. Ford $7,025 million

8. Audi $4,703 million

9. Hyundai $3,598 million

10. Lexus $3,392 million

For all brands of all kinds around the world, Apple took the cake as it did last year.


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