UAW calls for boycott of anti-union GOP during 99 Percent Spring

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Friday, Day 14, September 30 and it has been two weeks since the protesters first descended on Wall Street. This day was a march to police headquarters as a protest against police brutality. Occupy Wall Street continues. Photos from Zuccotti Park and the march.

United Auto Workers support collective bargaining rights. (Photo Credit: CC BY/David Shankbone/Flickr)

President Bob King of the United Auto Workers labor union issued a call for UAW members to protest a GOP fundraising appearance Tuesday by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. The call to protest is being billed as the first in a series of nonviolent acts of civil disobedience called the “99 Percent Spring,” reports The Detroit News.

Battling corporate greed

A by-product of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the 99 Percent Spring is classified by group representatives as another shot in the continuing battle against corporate greed. Walker’s presence underscores UAW’s dislike for the Wisconsin administration’s anti-union stance.

Walker’s impending recall election, which sprang from his support of a law that eliminated union collective bargaining rights, continues to darken Wisconsin’s political skies. He is scheduled to speak to 500 attendees at the Ronald Reagan dinner, which is sponsored by the Michigan 9th Congressional District Committee. The dinner is a fundraiser for Oakland County Republicans in the upcoming November election. King wrote in a statement:

“We have to rise up collectively and demand change in our state government and their proposed anti-worker legislation. We must demand a more inclusive society for our children and generations to come. There is power in our numbers, and the 99 Percent Spring movement is rooted in our history of fighting for the dignity of all workers.”

Unions prefer – Romney?

The New York Times reports that while Republican leaders are eager to see former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney take the GOP presidential nomination – putting an end to what many right-wing commentators have called a protracted, off-putting primary campaign – there’s another, more surprising group that supports Romney.

It’s the nation’s union leaders.

Various sources indicate that Romney is viewed as an “easy target” in the world of the 99 Percent Spring, in that he is almost invariably classified as a member of the “1 percent.” Union leaders reportedly believe that a populist thrust against Romney could scarcely be defended on its own grounds.

“Do we welcome doing battle with him over his past as a businessman? You bet,” said Tim Waters, political director of United Steelworkers. “We’re already talking to folks about what happened in his years at Bain — how they closed all these factories and people’s lives were destroyed by this kind of vulture capitalism.”

UAW Local 72 rally in Kenosha, Wis.

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