Toyota Prius recall in effect due to braking problems

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Toyota and other Japanese automakers appeared to have their act together when compared with their American counterparts. However, the recent Toyota recall has shown that trouble translates just fine into Japanese auto speak. Over five million cars were pulled from sales floors worldwide due to small accelerator pedal issues that could cause sudden acceleration.

Now, Toyota has a Prius recall in effect. Instead of acceleration problems, Prius has braking trouble that can kick in on bumpy or otherwise difficult roads. Last time I checked, that’s the worst possible situation for brakes to fail. According to CTV’s Canada AM, there have only been two reported cases of accidents that have led to injury as a result of the Prius recall issue. That information comes straight from America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and they are of course the authority here.

An oversensitive sensor

Kyodo News Service of Japan has reported that the Prius’s computer-controlled braking system can malfunction if a sufficient shock jars the unit. Loss of power to the brakes can be the rather frightening result, one which has noteworthy Prius owner Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc.) calling out Toyota’s technicians. He sees it as a software glitch that should never have happened, according to the AP.

Losing control while driving is scary

That feeling that a crash is coming and you can do nothing about it is humbling. If you didn’t already respect the power in your hands when you’re behind the wheel of a car, you will if you’re ever in an accident scenario. This Prius recall is more bad news for Toyota, but it can be even worse news for you if you continue to drive your Prius without checking with Toyota for info on how to proceed. Look for the contact info at the end of this article.


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  1. Auto repair guy on

    I hope they don’t want to shim the computer-controlled braking system module with the same metal shim they are using to fix the gas pedal issue. Although soon they will have plenty of those 2 cent shims in stock!

    • Dan Gayle on


      Wonder what they’ll do with all of that once the recall is over.