Toyota GT86 TRD package displayed in Paris

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Toyota 86

A Toyota GT86 TRD special was recently shown off in Paris, demonstrating what customers can do with a bunch of goodies from Toyota. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The automotive press and some gearheads have been swooning lately over the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86, the Toyota-Subaru joint project car. The recent auto trade show in Paris got a glimpse at the Toyota GT86 TRD edition, a GT86 fitted with a goodies from Toyota’s race division.

Toyota GT86 TRD edition goes to City of Light

There’s been a whole lot of talk about the Subaru and Toyota joint project sports car, for some good reasons. The car, which available as a Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ or Toyota GT86 in some markets, is a relatively simple, back-to-basics rear-wheel-drive sports car. Also, since it comes in well under $30,000, it’s relatively cheap, basically the hallmarks of classic Japanese sports cars.

However, a bunch of people have been wondering when the performance edition comes out as many consider 200 horsepower to be insufficient. Toyota recently partially answered such calls with the Toyota GT86 TRD edition, which was recently shown off at the recent Paris Auto Show, according to AutoGuide. The extra goodies on the car were added by TRD, or Toyota Racing Development, Toyota’s in-house performance center.

Nothing huge but nothing insignificant

It isn’t boosted in any way shape or form, so this isn’t the turbo edition fanboys have been drooling for. Basically, TRD bolted on some different components to the Toyota GT86 TRD, but the components in question aren’t anything to sneeze at.

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The body kit adds larger front and rear diffusers, rear bumper and trunk spoilers and a modified grille. Other upgrades include six-piston front and four-piston rear Brembo brake calipers. It also gets upgraded brake discs, according to AutoCar. Suspension upgrades include a sway bar and upgraded coils and adjustable shocks.

A four-port TRD performance exhaust kit is also part of the upgrades, according to AutoBlog. TRD also has added sport oil filter, radiator and fuel filler caps, sport oil filter and air filter, a new ignition button and shift knob. TRD also has two choices of 18-inch rear wheels that can accommodate wider rear tires.

Not available in US

The Toyota GT86 TRD isn’t going to be sold in the U.S., since Toyota doesn’t sell it there. These upgrades are only slated for Europe and where otherwise available, according to AutoBlog. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t actually be a production car but rather what a customer can get if they buy all the gear from TRD and have it installed. Whether or not all these goodies will be offered to FR-S or BRZ owners to make their own magic Scion or Subaru remains to be seen, but it could easily happen.

However, Toyota is mulling a full-on TRD model and sell it in Europe, to gauge reactions. Turbo-charged versions from the manufacturer have been previously denied so, like Mazda with the Miata, Toyota seems to be daring customers to upgrade themselves.





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