Texas raises speed limit to 75 mph in many areas

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Texas speed limit

Texas increases its speed limit in many areas. Image: CountyLemonade/Flickr/CC BY

The Texas Transportation Commission announced Thursday that the state will be upping its speed limit from 70 mph to 75 on more than 1,600 miles of nine interstate highways.

Rural areas deemed safe

Texas state transportation authorities agreed to faster speed limits on rural roads that are considered safe for the velocity. Before that, 75 mph was only allowed on certain roads in sparsely populated areas.

The longest stretch.

The longest stretch that allows the new higher-speed traffic is a 310 miles long section of Interstate 20, leading from the Parker county line, west of Fort Worth, to rural regions west.

The speed limit revamp comes following last year’s announcement to allow some speed limits to be increased to 85 mph, pending approval by ongoing feasibility studies. The speed limit increase will align most of Texas’ Interstate highways with its adjoining neighbor states.

Good for economy, Texas DOT says

A spokesperson for the Texas Transportation Commission argued that the speed limit increase is good for the depressed economy.  Carol Rawson, traffic operations division director, said:  “Texas’ economic strength depends on the efficient and safe movement of people and goods.

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Cost of the move

The state’s cost of the speed limit adjustment will be $384,024. That cost will cover feasibility studies, as well as making and
posting new signs, according to the Texas DOT.

Drivers are warned not to adopt the new speed limits until the new signs have been posted.

Roads marked 80 mph remain

The state also will retain its 80 mph limit in some very sparely populated areas, mostly in West Texas. The only other areas drivers are allowed to travel at 80 mph are located in Utah.

The full list of speed limit changes can be seen on the Texas Department of Transportation’s website.


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