Tesla Model X to feature new falcon doors

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Tesla continues to produce high-tech, luxury green cars. Image: namho/Flickr/CC BY

Tesla Motors Co. has been teasing car aficionados for months with tantalizing hints about its new all-electric crossover SUV, the 2014 Tesla Model X. But the one leak that seems to be getting the most buzz is its revolutionary “falcon doors,” which may just do gull wing doors one better.

Opening the door

The first hints about the revolutionary doors design came in a tweet from Elon Musk, chief executive officer of the California-based luxury electric automaker:

“The most interesting view of the Model X is really with the doors open.”

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Hints of the Model X

So far, we have been told that the Model X will be faster than the Porsche 911, have a roomy interior and come with an all-wheel drive option. The teaser image used on invitations to the big unveiling event later this week is vague on details, but it hints at being a sleeker, slimmer version of the Model S.

Amir Iliaifar, writing for Digital Trends, points out that Tesla has been making the electric powertrain for Toyota’s RAV 4 EV and speculates that the Model X might contain similar components. That might give some clues about how the car will handle and behave.

‘Like the wing of a bird’

But the doors are still getting the most attention at the moment. Theo O’Neill of Wunderlich Securities, an expert on green technology, recently saw photographs of the soon-to-be-revealed concept. He gave his impressions to the Silicon Valley Mercury News:

“The doors of the Model X lift up and fold — like the wing of a bird. You can walk right up to the edge of the seat. It’s the ideal solution for disabled children, or any parent who has to lean over to buckle a car seat.”

Green Car Reports suggests that Tesla may have solved “the number one problem with gull-wing doors — namely that once raised, they make getting in and out particularly difficult in tight spaces.”

A live unveiling

The Tesla X will be unveiled at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 9. The event will be held at Tesla’s new Los Angeles design studio and will be broadcast live on the company’s website.

Gearing up for production

The 2014 Tesla Model X will go into production later this year, following the follow the run of the 2012 Model S.


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