Subaru brand to focus on Confidence in Motion

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Action shot of a 370hp 2000 Subaru RX Turbo.

Subaru has a new global brand slogan: “Confidence in Motion.” (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/Fabio Aro/Flickr)

Automotive News reports that Subaru, the only Japanese automotive brand to manage an increase in U.S. sales over each of the past three years, has a new slogan. For the purposes of global branding, the car that Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd., built shall soon be referred to as “Confidence in Motion.”

Subaru’s L.A. presence will reflect ‘Confidence in Motion’

Fuji Heavy Industries President Ikuo Mori told the automotive media that Subaru is keeping the rabbit in the hat until the Los Angeles Auto Show, which will open this month. The automaker’s offerings at the prestigious automotive extravaganza – which will include a highly anticipated concept car – will embody the new theme of “Confidence in Motion.” The new global branding slogan is meant to reflect a focus on engineering and safety, in addition to innovation that goes above and beyond, more than satisfying customer demand.

Subaru’s U.S. sales warrant such confidence

According to sales reports, Subaru has good reason for confidence. American consumers speak with their wallets, and Subaru has been a popular beneficiary of their purchasing power. In October, for instance, Subaru registered a 25 percent jump in sales over the previous year. In addition, sales for 2010 so far are 23 percent higher than the previous year. This is more than twice the automotive industry average for growth, writes Automotive News, and that magnitude is nearly unheard of.

Looking back to 2008, when the automotive industry first registered collapse-worthy numbers, Subaru brand actually increased U.S. sales. It has all been uphill since then, and Mori predicts that despite a fiscal loss last year, fiscal 2010 numbers should reflect a sound bounce-back. This fiscal year ends March 31, 2011.

Confidence in Motion: the raw numbers

According to Ikuo Mori, Subaru’s net income outlook has doubled. He had predicted a net profit of $289.9 million. The new estimate currently sits at ¥50 billion ($597.7 million), which is staggering compared with the $196.7 million net loss the successful automaker had registered the fiscal year before.


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