SRT Barracuda will not totally displace Challenger

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Chrysler is bringing back another classic, the SRT Barracuda, which is slated for a 2014 debut. Photo Credit: Sicnag/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Detroit’s Big Three have not yet dropped their affinity for the glory days, as muscle car names keep getting resurrected. One of the next classics to live on is the projected SRT Barracuda, a new muscle coupe from Chrysler’s sport division.

Challenger SRT getting replaced by SRT Barracuda

American automakers have a bit of a penchant for classic muscle cars, as they keep coming up with new versions of classics from the 1960s and 1970s. Granted, so does the public; they keep buying them. Some never left, as the Corvette and Mustang have never left and the Impala has been off-and-on since its inception.

Dodge has been particularly keen with the Challenger and Charger, and the new Dart is soon arriving at dealerships. The next name to come back from the grave has been said to be the Barracuda, a classic Mopar muscle car. It’s been rumored since 2007, according to MotorTrend, but it’s been all-but confirmed.

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The new ‘Cuda was rumored to be a replacement for the Challenger but, according to AutoGuide, only the SRT8 Challenger is said to be getting the axe. Technically, it will be the SRT Barracuda, as the Challenger will remain a Dodge.

If the Challenger don’t do the trick

Granted, this is all still rumors. The debut of the rumored SRT Barracuda hasn’t been slated for any upcoming car shows and Sergio Marchionne, head of Chrysler parent Fiat hasn’t said boo. It isn’t due until 2014, so don’t bother applying for a bank auto loan just yet.

Just like the Dart, the SRT Barracuda is going to share little more than a name with its progenitor, the Plymouth Barracuda. The original was a large coupe, with a very distinctive “fishbowl” fastback which some found not-so-appealing and others adored. Obviously, it will still be a Chrysler and it can be had with a V-8. Not only that but it might get, according to AutoGuide, it could get a Hemi V-8. A range of engines are likely to be offered, beginning with a rumored turbo-four cylinder with a V-8 at the top.

The car is said to be sharing the Challenger’s platform, which is going to be changed for the 2014, ostensibly to compete with the new Mustang. The Challenger is slated to get shortened by up to three inches and ditch the full-size platform it currently rides on, which it shares with the Chrysler 300.

Gonna burn, burn, burn to the wick

Basically, the difference between the two seems to be, as Motor Authority suggests, that the Challenger is going to remain a cruiser. Not a serious driver’s car, but essentially a blue-collar grand tourer. The SRT Barracuda appears to be geared to be a more serious sports car.

It won’t be out for almost two years, so don’t look for it at any Houston, Indianapolis or Springfield Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealerships.






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