Metal for the masses as Scion marketing to heavy metal fans

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Picture of Slayer

The Scion marketing department has decided to try to appeal more to heavy metal fans. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

It isn’t a secret that Scion, Toyota’s budget brand, markets heavily to younger drivers in order to get them into the Toyota fold as early as possible. The Scion marketing department, however, is expanding its appeals to try to attract heavy metal fans.

Scion marketing sells…but whose buying?

Scion likes to attract younger buyers and thus, markets its cars to precisely that demographic. The idea, when the brand was launched about a decade ago, was to get younger people to buy a Toyota that weren’t buying Toyotas. Ergo, slap a new badge on a budget car and create ads they’d like. It’s been working, too.

Over the years, the Scion marketing department has tried to appeal to different youth subcultures. In 2011, according to the New York Times, they launched Scion A/V, a music project of sorts, where bands partner with the brand, releasing music on Scion’s website and so forth. They even sponsored concert and music events.

The brand is further trying to expand its customer base, according to AutoBlog, by appealing to heavy metal fans.

Scions in the abyss

The idea behind Scion marketing to metal heads is that they believe they are “undervalued” as a market. Part of the new marketing drive to attract that crowd is to continue to sponsor heavy metal bands. Scion A/V has certainly been active on that front, as several thousand concerts have taken place with some sort of Scion affiliation.

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Some of the bands that have worked with Scion include grindcore bands Repulsion and Wormrot and underground alt-metal legends The Melvins, according to the New York Times. Toyota previously waded into the metal arena, putting “The Hellion” by Judas Priest, the opening instrumental track on “Screaming for Vengeance” in a commercial for the Sienna minivan.

The brand is also sponsoring an art exhibition by French, a British artist, in Los Angeles at the Scion A/V Installation Center, according to Scion’s blog. French’s artwork has a lot of skulls and dark colors, definitely “metal approved.” French even has a Scion iQ that he’s decorated up on his Blogspot page.

First Scion is deadly

Whether this Scion marketing ploy will work and get metalheads to stream to Scion dealers in Edmunds, Wa., to Buffalo, N.Y., remains to be seen. Marketing departments are not metal.

Besides, they don’t even make the two most metal vehicles, namely big motorcycles and full-size vans, especially in black. Vans are how you haul stuff to a gig and black is the default metal color.



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