Saab Automobile Parts bringing Saab parts to North America

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A Saab car

Saab Automobile Parts, a separate entity from Saab's auto manufacturing, is making replacement parts for the defunct automaker's cars. Photo Credit: Pitak/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

The latest chapter in the sordid saga of Sweden’s Saab appears to have produced a positive result, at least for some people. Saab’s parts division, Saab Automobile Parts, isn’t part of the bankruptcy and will be open for business in North America, offering replacement parts for current owners.

The sullen state of Sweden’s Saab

Sweden is known for a number of things. Besides Ikea, Swedish massage, death metal, candy fish and a precipitously high suicide rate, there is also Volvo and Saab, unique car brands with a dedicated following though perhaps not the greatest sales rates. Saab, however, had been on the ropes for years until folding entirely last year. However, the currently-defunct company is still searching for a buyer.

There is a good piece of news for people who currently own a Saab, according to AutoGuide. The company’s parts division, Saab Automobile Parts, is a separate entity from its auto manufacturing operation, which at this point only exists on paper. As a result, it is not currently bankrupt and is currently functioning, which means that existing Saab owners can order parts.

North American buyers now covered

Saab Automobile Parts AB is also now expanding to North America, meaning that Saab owners in Canada, the U.S., or any other North American country where Saabs are sold, can order replacement parts as they are needed.

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Not only that, but the the parts company is also currently using Saab’s factory in Trollhatten, according to MotorTrend magazine. About 30 people are currently employed by the company, manufacturing replacement parts for shipment worldwide. This is certainly good news for the 500,000 Saab owners in the U.S., as well as the 1.5 million people who own a Saab worldwide.

The U.S., according to AutoBlog, is the single largest market for the defunct automaker, as more Saab cars are on the road in the United States than in any other country on the plant. There are also a number of brand new cars available for buyers, though the supply is limited for anyone who might be interested in purchasing a new Saab. According to the New York Times, there were roughly 2,400 cars waiting to be sold as of December 2011, though none will carry a warranty of any sort due to the company languishing in bankruptcy.

A new new owner

Every month or two, there seems to be a new rumor of a new Saab owner and the possible resumption of manufacturing of the iconic cars with the distinct fastback. In April, according to AutoBlog, a bid for the company was made in April by National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB. NEVS is a company that is registered in Sweden but is part of a joint venture between a Japanese investment firm and a Hong Kong-based electric vehicle company.

It isn’t known if the deal has been approved by Sweden’s federal court, or if it means the company is going to resume operations.





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