Renault announces the DeZir luxury electric concept car

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The Tesla roadsters have the benefit of already being on the market -- but can Renault's DeZir compete? Image from Flickr.

Flying on the heels of Tesla’s successful IPO and popular Roadster vehicles, Renault has released a bit of information about its new DeZir electric vehicle. A luxury concept car, this electric powerhouse will be shown for the first time at September’s Paris Auto Show. The DeZir is beautiful, but it may not be able to compete with Tesla’s small yet established customer base.

Details of the Renault DeZir

The Renault DeZir is a concept car that has not yet been seen on the road. The 100-mile range of the vehicle comes from a rear-mounted engine with a Lithium Ion battery. A standard household outlet will charge the battery in eight hours, and a quick-charge outlet will charge it to 80 percent in 20 minutes. The two-seater coupe design uses a bench seat and cockpit-style design. Its zero-to-100 time is about five seconds.

Comparing the DeZir to the Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster is currently the only all-electric sports roadster on the road. With a range of up to 300 miles, the Tesla has the longest range of a production electric vehicle. Unlike the DeZir, the roadster requires a specialty charging plug, though Tesla assures customers they will be making the switch to a standard plug. Both vehicles are designed as two-door coupes and both are targeting a very well-heeled market.

Seeing a DeZir on the market

The Renault DeZir is definitely a concept vehicle. The reality of many concept cars, though, is they do not make it to market quickly, if at all. The Chevy Volt was introduced as a concept car almost five years ago. Many “concept cars” are never put into mass-market production. Even if the DeZir goes into mass production, it will most likely be showing up at about the same time as more affordably priced and long-range electric vehicles are available to the mass market. This means the Renault DeZir will have to carve out a niche of customers very carefully if the DeZir is to be successful.

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