Recall roundup: Porsche Panamera and Nissan Juke

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Panamera Trubo

The zippy and pricey Panamera Trubo. Image: Joao Paulo Cars/Flickr/CC BY ND

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced two separate recall filings. Some Porsche Panamera Turbo vehicles are being sent to the shop to fix a defect in the turbocharger. Some Nissan Jukes are also being recalled for seat backs that could partially separate in a crash.

Porsche Panamera recall

The German automaker Porsche is recalling some of its Panamera Turbo sedans from the model years 2011 and 2012, as well as certain Panamera Turbo S and Cayenne Turbo vehicles from model year 2012. Fewer than 300 vehicles are affected in the recall.

The reason Porsche is issuing the recall is because of a possible casting flaw in the turbine wheel of a turbocharger. The automaker says the flaw could cause the turbine wheel to crack, which would greatly reduce the vehicle’s performance.

Worse, should the turbine wheel fracture, it could let oil into the exhaust system. That could result in an engine fire.

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Porsche will inspect the vehicles and replace the turbine wheel in those affected, free of charge. The recall is scheduled to begin in the last week of July. Concerned owners can contact the automaker at 800-767-7243.

Nissan Juke recall

Meanwhile, Nissan Motor Co. is calling back more than 11,000 Juke compact SUVs from the model year 2012. According to the filing, an improper weld make cause the rear seat back back to partially break lose in the event of a crash.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration bulletin:

“Due to an incomplete weld penetration, the rear seat back striker may partially separate in a crash.”

Further, the bulletin said, the issue could contribute to the risk of injury to passengers in the back seat, should a frontal collision occur.

However, according to Nissan, the issue has not caused any accidents or injuries that it is aware of at this time.

No other Nisan or Infinity models are affected, says the automaker, because none of them use the targeted type of seat back striker.

The affected vehicles were built between February 3 and May 26, 2012. The recall is also expected to begin in the last week of July.

Nissan will replace the seat back strikers on any affected vehicle, at no cost to the owner. The automaker can be reached at 800-647-7261.


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