Small recall announced for Honda Ridgeline

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Honda Ridgeline

Honda has announced a small recall of a few Ridgeline models. Photo Credit: 韋駄天狗/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

A small recall has been announced for a handful of Honda Ridgeline pickups that left the factory with a misinforming placard. A placard on 206 new Ridgelines says the truck has a compact spare, but it has a full-size spare.

Wheel mistake

Honda, according to USA Today, has been made aware of a problem by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, relating to some 2011 and 2012 models of the Ridgeline pickup truck. A goof was made at the factory that could compromise the safety of the vehicle in certain situations.

A mistake at the factory falsely labeled a tire information placard regarding the spare tire. The placard, according to Autoguide, is located on the driver’s side doorjamb. The placard carries information about the spare tire, including proper tire pressure, which is wrong due to the wrong spare tire being installed.

Instead of the miniature spare tire that is normally installed, full-size spares were installed. The placard displays information for the compact spare, which does not comply with FMVSS regulations.

Fix will be free

Ridgelines meant for sale in the United States, according to USA Today, are equipped with a compact spare, but Ridglines made here for export are given a full-size spare. There are 206 vehicles that are affected by the recall, all of which were from the 2011 and 2012 model years.

Honda is going to contact owners and direct them to take their Ridgeline to the nearest Honda dealership. At the dealership, Honda technicians will inspect the spare and the placard. If the placard or tire is found to be incorrect, technicians will change the tire or placard as necessary, at no cost to the owner.

Owners of affected Ridgelines will be contacted by mid-February. There have been no accidents or injuries reported due to the problem.

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Full size spares are nice

Any owner wondering if their vehicle is affected should check the compartment underneath the bed lining, according to Edmunds. For those without a full-size spare who want one, the correct size for the Honda Ridgline is P245R/65R17, according to ConsumerGuide Automotive. As anyone who has owned a truck will testify, truck tires are expensive; the cheapest tire of that size on is the Hankook DYNAPRO AS RH03, selling for $128.93.

Some Ridgelines may not be able to fit a full-size in the spare compartment, but there should be aftermarket kits available for mounting the spare to the truck bed.


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