Quality Auto Paint and Body donates free repairs to victim of hate crime

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Quality Auto Paint and Body in Roanoke, Va., an auto body shop, has donated free paint and other improvements to a man whose car had been vandalized. Photo Credit: Anthony Turducken/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

Jordan Addison is being repeatedly punished by his peers for being gay, as a number of students at the college he attends have vandalized his car in recent months. However, Quality Auto Paint and Body, an area body shop, did an amazing thing, by giving him a free paint job.

Untermensch savage car, repairs donated by Quality Auto Paint and Body

No matter what advances take place, a number of yokels have to prove how ugly and small-minded they are by exposing their bigotry for all to see. Racism, homophobia and so forth are traits of a weak mind and universally the domain of an  untermensch – a “less-than man.”

Most people get the idea that if one harbors stupid ideas, it’s best to keep it to themselves. However, not everyone gets that memo and unfortunately, innocent people suffer for it, such as Jordan Addison, a student at Radford University, in Radford, Va. Addison’s car, according to CBS, has been vandalized several times in the past few months, as hateful messages have been keyed into the side of his car and naturally, being a college student, he couldn’t afford to fix.

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Enter Quality Auto Paint and Body.

Free paint and some more thrown in

The lowest estimate Addison got for repairs was $2,500, roughly the car loan repayments on a new Ferrari. Along the way, word of Addison’s predicament made its way to Richard Henegar, Jr., owner of Quality Auto Paint and Body, which is located in nearby Roanoke, Va., who told Addison, according to WDBJ7, a Roanoke CBS affiliate, that he would fix it, free of charge.

Aside from new paint, Henegar also solicited some donations from other area business, as 10 chipped in toward a complete overhaul of the car, as Parts Unlimited of Vinton, Va., Advance Auto Parts, Moon’s Auto Body, Val’s Automotive, The Rod Shop, B&C Exterminating, Twists & Turns, AJ’s Landscaping, Sunnybrook Auto Spa and Rice Toyota, a Toyota dealership in Greensboro, N.C., all donated toward the cause.

It took $10,000 of funding and about 100 man-hours, but the car received new paint, tires, wheels, window tint, a security system and a new sound system.

Acts of charity

Occasionally, a body shop with a good-natured owner will make a donation, like Quality Auto Paint and Body did. Another recent example was Carreras Auto Body in Heraldsburg, Calif., according to the Heraldsburg Patch. The shop donated free paint and detailing for a car that was itself donated to an area woman who was recovering from a severe stroke.

Christine Webster, a former special education teacher, had suffered a massive stroke several years ago and underwent a series of operations to correct the damage. Despite the surgeries, she remains paralyzed on her right side, leaving her unable to drive. However, a man in the area got his neighbor to donate a used Nissan Maxima, which was then customized to be drivable, given her disability, through contacts in the Heraldsburg Chamber of Commerce. The owners of Carreras Auto Body, Dan and Joe Vassallo, donated repairs, paint and detailing, among others who donated as well.




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