Headlight fault prompts Porsche Cayenne recall

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Porsche Cayenne

A Porsche Cayenne recall has been announced for headlights that can fall out of the car. Photo Credit: Romain D C/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Porsche has announced a recall for more than 100,000 units of the Cayenne SUV worldwide. The issue is with the headlights, which can detach from the front bumper and pose serious safety risks.

Somebody call 911

Porsche has announced a recall of the 2011 and 2012 model year Cayenne SUVs, for a headlight issue that could cause the headlights to fall out if not addressed, according to USA Today, which could naturally lead to diminished visibility and potential for serious injuries.

Not all models of the Cayenne are affected. The recall affects all trims for the Cayenne, including the base Cayenne, S, S Hybrid and Turbo models.

There are 101,953 units worldwide that are affected by the recall, including 22,099 Cayennes in the United States and Canada. All units were manufactured, according to Consumer Reports, between March of 2010 and January 2012.

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Faulty mounting

The issue, according to the New York Times, is with how the headlights are mounted to the front fascia of the car. Ordinarily, the headlamp would be secured to the car’s body using a twist-lock mechanism, but the affected units in the recall have headlamps which are merely slid into place. The idea was to make servicing the headlights as easily as possible.

However, Porsche began receiving reports as early as October of 2010 of loose headlights, which spurred the company into investigating the issue. The company concluded that the issue was faulty assembly of the headlights at dealerships and at the Porsche factory by September 2011 and implemented a new protocol as of the beginning of February that fixed the issue.

Porsche decided that a recall was the best course of action and notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

No accidents

Thankfully, no accidents were reported as a result of the faulty headlight defect in the United States, though there were 20 documented instances of the headlights falling out of the front fender.

According to USA Today, Porsche is going to mail notices of the recall to Cayenne owners, informing them of the recall and also the steps needed to be taken to fix it. Owners will have to take their Cayenne to the nearest Porsche dealer, where the headlight mounting will be modified to securely fasten the headlights to the body. Owners with further questions or concerns can contact Porsche directly at 800-767-7243.


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