Nissan announces two unrelated recalls

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The Nissan Quest minivan is one of the models affected in Nissan's recalls. Image: NAVETS/fLICKR/cc by

According to the National Highway traffic Safety Administration, two recalls have been issued by Nissan North America. The two recalls are for unrelated issues. One is for the 2011-2012 Nissan Quest minivan over software problems. The second recall is of the 2003-2005 Infiniti Q45, involving wiring issues that could affect side airbag deployment.

Quest recall

The NHTSA bulletin says that the affected Quest models were all manufactured between July 29, 2010, and February 21, 2012. It affects 23,351 vehicles.

Software glitch could lead to stalling

The recall is being issued because of a potential software glitch that affects the fuel pump control module. The defect may restrict the amount of fuel pumped to the engine if the tank is less than a quarter full, or slowly advancing downhill, or if it is idling. The engine could stall under these circumstances, increasing the chance of a collision.

According to a statement by Nissan, the automaker first learned of the issue on Jan. 18:

“(Nissan) became aware of an allegation of a customer’s vehicle stalling on a downhill slope without the low fuel level warning lamp turning on.”

Nissan says the recall will begin sometime in mid-March. Owners will receive a notification to return their vehicles to a dealer to get the fuel pump module reprogrammed at no cost.

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Infiniti Q45 recall

A second recall is for the 2003-2005 Infiniti Q45 sedan. Oddly, the recall notice gives no number of affected vehicles, nor does it tell when they were manufactured.

Side airbag could fail

The undetermined amount of Infinitis are being recalled over a defective wire connector that affects the seat-mounted side airbags. The faulty connector could cause “increased electrical resistance” that potentially could lead to the airbags failing to deploy in an accident.

The automaker says it will issue recall notice by March 12. Once received, owners will be able to return their vehicles to a dealer to have the connectors replaced or modified at no cost.

Affected owners

Owners who are, or think they may be, affected by the recall can call the automaker’s hotline at 800-647-7261. The NHTSA can be reached at 888-327-4236.

Echoes Volvo recall

Curiously, just last week Volvo announced it would be calling back 17,000 of its 2012 S60, XC60, S80 and XC70 models over a similar issue. The cars were recalled for problems stemming from a wiring harness located under the front seats that could snag and tear loose, possibly keeping the airbags from deploying in a crash.


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