Date in Paris for Nissan TeRRA EV concept

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Nissan is taking an EV besides the leaf to the Paris Auto Show, the Nissan Terra EV concept, a four-wheel drive hydrogen fuel cell CUV. Photo Credit: J.Hammerschmidt/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Nissan is taking a concept car to a car show in Paris, the Terra, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric crossover. The Nissan Terra EV isn’t set for production, but certainly looks better than the company’s other EV, the Leaf, with looks not even a mother could love.

Nissan Terra EV might be first good looking EV from major car maker

Tesla makes the best-looking electric vehicle, and one has to be richer than Croesus to buy one. The few electric vehicles from major automakers aren’t exactly stunning. There’s the Focus EV, which looks just like a Focus, not that it’s so bad. The RAV4 EV, likewise, looks like the RAV4. Then there’s the Nissan Leaf.

Not that it isn’t a technical marvel, but it looks like it was pushed off the top branch of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down and once it hit the ugly ground, beaten with ugly sticks.

However, Nissan may have the medicine, namely a concept car that’s going to the Paris car show. Called the Nissan Terra EV, it’s a hydrogen fuel cell CUV, according to AutoGuide, meant as a roomier, taller, green utility box for the urban dweller.

Not green-lit, unfortunately

Renderings of the Nissan Terra EV resembles what it would look like if the “Warthog” from the “Halo” video game series and a Toyota RAV4 had a baby. Whether or not the car will in the sheet metal is another matter. It also, according to InsideLine, isn’t going to be put into production. It’s really just being used as a show piece, but it’s some show-piece.

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The car has all-wheel-drive, thanks to three electric motors. The front wheels are powered by a single motor, essentially the power train from the Leaf, and two in-wheel hub motors driving the rear wheels. The instrument panel is also quite the wonder, as it’s a docking panel for a tablet PC, which will ostensibly need an app to run the car. According to AutoBlog, the tablet would also serve as an “intelligent key” for the car as well.

A taste of things to come

Again, it hasn’t been given the go-ahead for production, so it’s isn’t as if a magic Nissan service is going to be dropping one off at customers’ houses anytime soon. Rather, it’s a showpiece for Nissan’s alternative power train technology and specifically its hydrogen fuel cell drive train. Nissan had shown off an FCV in 2005, according to InsideLine, but the fuel cell stack in the Nissan Terra EV is cheaper than the previous iteration.

It is a real looker, though. Something along the lines of the car may eventually turn up as a production model as fuel cell vehicles begin to go on sale.





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