Second Nissan recall announced for sticker misprint on Titan and Armada

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A second Nissan recall has been announced for a misprinted sticker, extending to the Titan pickup and Armada SUV. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Earlier this week, Nissan announced a recall for a small number of Titan pickup trucks because of a faulty sticker. A second sticker defect has been found in the 2012 Titan and the 2012 Armada SUV.

Sticker shock

Nissan recently announced a recall of the Titan pickup truck, according to the Wall Street Journal. The recall was fairly limited in scope, extending only to models with the “sports appearance” package, which according to Nissan is called the SV Sport Package and is only available on the SV trim of the Titan pickup.

All vehicles were from the 2012 model year and were manufactured between June 10 and July 22 2011.  The recall only extended to 918 trucks in total.

The recall was because of a misprinted sticker located on the driver-side door jamb, erroneously saying the truck could take six passengers. The truck has two bucket seats in the front and a bench seat in the back, which would make it obvious that seating six isn’t safe.

A new sticker defect has been discovered, according to the Chicago Tribune, leading to a second recall involving the Titan.

Armada SUV included

The new recall also involves a misprinted sticker and it also covers 2012 model year Titan pickups. It also includes the Armada SUV, the full-size SUV based on the Titan. The vehicles in question were made between Aug. 12, 2011 to March 13, 2012.

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In total, there are 26,626 Titan trucks and Armada SUVs subject to the recall, though according to the announcement on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website, Nissan isn’t specifying how many of each vehicle are being recalled.

The issue in this sticker-related recall is with the tire and wheel information located on the sticker in the driver-side door jamb. The label omits the size of the wheel rim. As a result, the owner may not know the proper rim and wheel size, leading to the wrong size of rim and wheel being installed. The vehicle may not handle properly, increasing the risk of a crash.

Recall begins soon

The recall is set to begin on or close to May 14 of this year. Owners simply have to take their vehicles to the nearest Nissan dealership and a sticker bearing the correct information will be installed for free. Nissan will also provide instructions on how to install a replacement for those who would like to do it themselves.

Nissan can be contacted at 1-615-725-1000 for owners who want more information.


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