Nissan announces recall of Sentra and Juke

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Nissan Juke

Nissan has announced a recall for the Sentra and the Juke. Photo Credit: S 400 Hybrid/Wikimedia Commons.

Nissan has announced a recall for two of its cars for two different issues. The recall is for 2011 models of the Juke and Sentra.

Issues in recalls are unrelated

Two recalls have been announced by the Nissan Motor Company for two different cars, according to the Washington Post. The cars involved are 2010 and 2011 model Nissan Sentras and 2011 Nissan Jukes.
There are about 34,000 cars in the Sentra recall and just over 28,000 cars in the Juke recall.
The Sentras are being recalled for an electrical problem with the battery terminals and the Jukes are under recall for an issue with the turbocharger boost sensor bracket, according to USA Today. According to the Washington Post, no accidents have been reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a result of the defects.

Juke turbo bracket recall

The issue involved in the Juke recall concerns the turbocharger. A defective weld can cause the turbocharger boost sensor bracket to come loose from the air inlet. This can cause the car to stall, according to USA Today, and the NHTSA says this can increase the risk of a crash.
There are 28,294 Jukes subject to the recall. The Jukes in question, all designated in the 2011 model year, were made between the dates of April 9, 2010 to May 12, 2011. The NHTSA was notifed on Dec. 8 of the Juke recall and the recall, when Nissan will be telling drivers to report to the nearest dealership, will being on Jan. 9.

Sentra battery issues

The Nissan Sentra recall, according to the Wall Street Journal, affects 33,803 cars in the U.S., all of which were built with the MR20 four-cylinder engine. The cars in question were 2010 models built between May 11 to May 20, 2010 and 2011 models built between July 8 and Oct. 25, 2010. The issue in the Sentra recall is the zinc coating on the battery terminal stud on the positive terminal.
Too much zinc coating was applied in the affected cars, which can cause the connection to weaken and the car’s voltage can drop, causing the car to stall while driving. It can also cause restarting the car to become difficult and a loss of voltage in the Electronic Control Module or ECM. According to USA Today, the recall is also in effect in Canada, Mexico, Saipan, Guam, Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico, and includes 51,700 cars worldwide.

Nissan will notify owners soon

In both recalls, Nissan is going to notify owners in January. In case of the Sentra, according to the Wall Street Journal, Nissan will replace the terminal and battery cover at no cost. According to the Washington Post, Nissan will also perform any necessary repairs on the Juke to correct the turbocharger issue. Owners wondering if their car is subject to the recalls should check the driver’s side door jamb, according to USA Today, for the build date.
Nissan can be contacted at 1-800-647-7261.


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