New Jersey car crash video leaked by red light camera company

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Car crash

A viral New Jersey car crash video has caused a bit of controversy. Photo Credit: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

A New Jersey car crash video was recently posted online and subsequently went viral, as part of campaign to reduce incidents of running red lights. The video, which some consider controversial, was leaked by a red light camera company, which some think might represent an ulterior motive.

Controversial New Jersey car crash video goes viral

A recent viral video, New Jersey car crash video, shows graphic footage of a car running a red light in Roselle Park, N.J., colliding into another car. The car then slides into a concrete divider and a traffic signal pole in the middle of the street, which launches the car in the air as it spins like a top, rolling over and back onto the tires, eventually coming to rest on the wrong side of the street.

The driver was not seriously injured, according to the BBC, but was arrested for drunk driving. Obviously, traffic accident videos aren’t entirely for the squeamish and the release of the footage is causing some controversy. What may be more controversial than the release of the video itself is the party that put it online, namely American Traffic Solutions, a red light camera company.

Chief cop defends video

According to MSNBC, or rather now NBC News, the driver of the car the drunk driver hit was thankfully unhurt as well.

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Paul Morrison, police chief of Roselle Park, is behind the release of the video, having told the media that “I want people to realize what can happen when someone runs a red light” and that hopefully the impression will sink in that “running red lights can have tragic consequences.” Morrison, according to ABC, says that it is “unfortunate that the public views it as nothing more than a revenue instrument.”

It isn’t the first time American Traffic Solutions has put such a video out for people to see. In December 2011, according to USA Today, ATS put out a short red light accident compilation video, showing crashes after people ran red lights. A number of the clips show people trying to “thread the needle,” racing-style, only to fail miserably.

Cameras still cause of controversy

Chief Paul Morrison is a fan of the cameras, as he insists the cameras work wonderfully well. ATS, according to ABC, reports a 47 percent reduction of people running red lights and that 97 percent of people who receive the tickets don’t re-offend. However, 63 of the 85 red light camera programs in New Jersey have been suspended, as the cameras weren’t properly calibrated before being turned on.

A number of residents in the town have complained that the yellow light duration is too short, making it harder to stop before red and thus, making it easier to get a ticket. One motorist was fined $140 for being 0.20 seconds too late before the light went red. According to CNET, at least six cities had been caught shortening the yellow light duration by 2010, ostensibly to boost red light camera ticket revenue. That is also, according to CBS New York, the reason the cameras were suspended in New Jersey.




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