Naked man goes on carjacking spree in Arizona

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A naked man in Ariz. went on a rampage involving carjacking and standing on top of a Honda CR-V. Image: Capt' Gorgeous/Flickr/CC BY

Police in Scottsdale, Ariz. have a man in custody who went on a carjacking spree totally naked Friday, leaving multiple injuries and collisions in his wake.

Carjacking spree

According to Sgt. Mark Clark of the Scottsdale Police, John Brigham, 45, was involved in a collision at about 1:30 PM. Most motorists would exchange insurance information at that point. Instead, Brigham began “chanting” loudly as he removed all of his clothes. Then he climbed on the roof of a nearby Honda CR-V.

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Next, he pulled a woman out of her Toyota Prius and took off in the hybrid vehicle. That didn’t last long. The Prius was traveling against traffic and was totaled in another collision involving four other cars. Brigham hit a Lexus begin driven by a pregnant woman, swerved, and crashed head-on into a pickup. Brigham was thrown from the Prius as a result of that crash.

That didn’t even stop this naked car thief. He reportedly got up and tried to jack two other cars before police finally apprehended the nude perp.

Seven hospitalized

Seven people were injured as a result of the spree. Two are in serious condition. One of them, the pregnant woman, has both legs broken.

Clark said:

“The violence and the damage that was caused indicates that it was pretty high speeds involved.”

Brigham was also injured and hospitalized. He is facing potential charges of carjacking, robbery and leaving the scene of an accident, according to Autoblog.

Naked house trashing

According to the Phoenix New Times, Brigham was involved in another clothing-optional spree in November when he trashed the home of his uncle wearing only a towel. He removed the screen from the windows, piled them and other debris in the house and spread dirt all over the porch. He had a pot on the stove cooking various bizarre ingredients that he told police was for the “witch.”

Brigham’s uncle, who owns the home, was away in New York at the time of the incident. He told police later that he would work with prosecutors, but that his concern was with his nephew’s metal health, not with legal remedy. All of Brigham’s charges were dropped in that incident, after completing a “diversion program.”

Meth involved in November

In the November incident, policed determined that he was high on meth amphetamine. No mention of drugs has yet been made in reference to Friday’s incident.

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