Mosler to make only one 2012 MT900 SP

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The Mosler MT 900. Timeless styling. Image: RoboSkirts/Flickr/CC BY-SA

Exclusive is one thing, but the U.S.-based luxury automaker Mosler is taking the concept to extremes. The company reports that it will be making a very limited run of its 2012 MT900 SP supercars. In fact, make that supercar. That’s right. The automaker will be assembling only one of its new model this year.

One of the lightest supercars

Anybody wanting to drive this baby home will have to fork out more than $479,000. So why would anybody be willing to put out that kind of money for a car, be it super or otherwise? For starters, it is one of the lightest supercars available. With a composite chassis and body panels of carbon fiber, it hits the scale at about 2,500 pounds, including fuel. It has rear-wheel drive and carries only two people, including the driver.

A solid powertrain

It packs a 7.0 liter Chevy v8 engine, placed mid-body and ramped up to 535 horses. The six-speed transmission comes from Hewland. According to the automaker, the 2012 Mosler MT900 SP will do 60 in less than three seconds and a quarter mile in less than 11 seconds. It has a top speed of 200 mph, and it is rated at 30 miles per gallon when traveling 55 mph.

Ageless styling

The new MT900 SP remains basically the same design that the MT900 has had for over a decade. Undated, even by today’s eye, it still hugs the ground like an avenging, futuristic racer.

A U.S.-legal version of Photon

The new MT900 SP will basically be a U.S. street-legal version of the MT900 S Photon race car that is sold in England. However, the 2012 MT900 SP will be build and sold exclusively in the U.S.

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About the automaker

Mosler Automotive was founded in 1985 by Warren Mosler. The Florida-based automaker was originally called Consulier Automotive and made the Consulier GTP. Later, the company was restructured as Mosler Automotive, and the GTP was re-branded as the Mosler Intruder/Raptor. The Mosler MT900 debuted in 2001. The Photon variant lowered the vehicle’s weight even more.

A formidable opponent on the track

The Mosler MT900 is so light, that when racing internationally, owners are required to add 400 pounds of ballast to bring its weight up to be comparable with its competitors. It still holds the lap record set several years ago at the Car and Driver Lightning Lap competition in Virginia.


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