Mazda Tribute recall announced for brake cylinder issue

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Mazda Tribute

A Mazda Tribute recall has been announced. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Mazda has announced a recall for models of the Tribute crossover SUV made between 2001 and 2002. Affected models have a fault in the brake master cylinder, which can leak fluid and potentially cause an electrical short and a fire.

Tribute cannot escape issues of twin

The Mazda Tribute, according to AutoBlog, shares the bulk of its DNA with the Ford Escape, just as the Mazda B Series pickup did with the Ranger. Granted, the vehicle isn’t made by just putting a Mazda grill on a Ford; but a lot of core parts like the chassis and so forth are the same.

Unfortunately, this also means that the defects of the one comes to affect the other. Ford recently announced a recall of the Escape for a master brake cylinder on older Escape models, which can start to leak brake fluid over time and poses a slight risk. The Tribute has the same defect and, just like the Escape, is now subject to a recall.

Fewer than 60,000 vehicles

Only 52,390 Mazda Tribute units are affected by the recall. All of the Mazda Tribute units that are affected by the recall were from the 2001 and 2002 model years. According to TruckTrend magazine, a similar recall occurred in 2007, involving the same problem on Mazda Tribute SUVs from the 2001 to 2004 model years. The cars involved in this recall, according to The Car Connection, were built between April 2000 and July 2002.

Just as with the Escape recall, according to the Miami Herald, the issue is a faulty brake master cylinder reservoir. The cap can start to leak brake fluid, which drips downward onto the electrical wiring harness that, according to The Car Connection, controls the anti-lock brake system.

As fluid continues to leak onto the ABS wiring harness, electrical connectors can begin to corrode. As a result, the wire can eventually develop an electrical short as the wire loses its insulation. That can cause the wire to smolder, spark or even catch fire in some cases. It isn’t known if there were any accidents, fires or any injuries or deaths that were a result of the defect.

Mazda moving quickly

The recall is taking effect immediately, according to AutoBlog, as Mazda has already begun contacting owners. Mazda is alerting owners to the problem and directing them to the nearest Mazda dealership, where the defect will be repaired.

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Mazda will replace the brake master cylinder reservoir cap and fix or replace any damaged component in the ABS system free of charge. In the meantime, Mazda is also urging owners not to park the car indoors, in case any vehicles catch fire.

Mazda can be reached at 1-248-393-5990 and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can be reached at 1-888-227-4326.



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