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Land Rover LR2

Land Rover is allegedly plotting a "leisure model" to slot under the LR2. Photo Credit: Dezidor/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Land Rover is said to be working on a smaller “leisure model” to slot beneath the LR2 in its lineup. The luxury SUV company has enjoyed a successful debut of its most recent model, the Evoque, a much smaller car than Land Rover typically makes.

Evoque evokes need for baby model

Land Rover is not known for economical vehicles. Most of its models cost more than $50,000 for base models. Almost all of them are also powered by the large, gas-guzzling motors typical of luxury SUVs.

Range Rover has a hit on its hands with the Evoque, the crossover SUV that won the North America Truck of the Year award last year. In December of 2011, according to Businessweek, Land Rover’s parent company Tata Motors announced deliveries that month had risen to the highest numbers in years for Jaguar Land Rover, mostly on the back of Land Rover/Range Rover sales, which were in turn given a huge boost by the Evoque.

The small SUV has done so well that Land Rover is thinking, according to Inside Line, of releasing another small SUV.

Rumors of leisure model

Land Rover is allegedly planning to release a “leisure model” that will slot under the LR2, Land Rover’s cheapest SUV sold in the American market starting at, according to Land Rover’s website, $36,550.

The word “leisure” seems odd, given that Land Rovers are known for being loaded with creature comforts. Furthermore, in the U.S. the company doesn’t sell the Defender, which is a utilitarian beast designed to be all-conquering off the pavement and little else. However, Land Rover thinks that because most of its SUVs are either full-bore luxury models or the Defender, there is a “white space” in the lineup that needs to be filled.

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According to AutoBlog, the proposed model would be the smallest ever produced by Land Rover and would be part of the company’s overall strategy of producing 40 new vehicles by 2017.

Going topless

One of the first new models that appears close to production is the Evoque cabriolet that’s been getting a lot of attention from press and public. Despite a Geneva Motor Show debut, according to the Chicago Tribune, it is only a concept. Land Rover hasn’t confirmed it for production, but considering the attention it has been given, it just might see the production line.

Land Rover also debuted the next generation Defender concept, according to MotorTrend magazine, which is smaller and more utilitarian than the Evoque. It is several years away, but Land Rover is already thinking of bringing it to the United States. The DC 100, as its being called, could be cheaper than even the LR2, but Land Rover insists it won’t compete directly with the Jeep Wrangler. The current base Defender lists for 20,995 pounds or about $33,000, about $10,000 more than the base Wrangler.


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