Last original James Bond Aston Martin sold

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Photo of an Aston Martin.

The last James Bond original Aston Martin DB5 is being sold at auctions. CC by Mike Souter/Picasa

A recent London car auction had an incredible lot up for bidding. It was a vintage Aston Martin DB5, driven by none other than Bond. Yes, that’s James Bond. The car was used as a prop car in the films; it’s not a tribute. This car is a bigger celebrity than Kathy Griffin. In “Goldfinger,” Sean Connery was behind the wheel of the very car that was auctioned. Virtually every actor to play James Bond has been seen behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, and a DB5 at that. The winning bid was just more than 4 million.

Aston Martin from the film sold

In the film “Goldfinger,” Sean Connery as James Bond drives around in a heavily modified Aston Martin DB5. There were two versions of the car used in the film. RM Auctions explains that the one on the block was the “Road Car” as it was only meant for driving. The car that was auctioned was the “Road Car.” Prop gadgets were added to it later. Decades ago, $12,000 was what Jerry Lee of Philadelphia paid for it in 1969. The Jerry Lee Foundation is dedicated to decreasing poverty and crime. The proceeds from the sale will go to that charity. The Telegraph reports that the car sold for more than $4 million. And it hadn’t been driven much at all by Lee.

A rare event

When making “Goldfinger,” the James Bond franchise got two new DB5 cars donated by Aston Martin. This has left the two institutions with a great relationship. These two cars were the “Road Car” and the “Effects Car,” which had all the props. Two other James Bond cars built by Aston Martin have been put into museums. In 1997, the “Effects Car” was stolen. This was after the props were taken out of it and it was sold.

The Jerry Lee Foundation

The Jerry Lee Foundation is getting all the funds from the sale, and it will donate it to research concerning crime reduction and sociology. Jerry Lee was actually knighted in Sweden for his work. The buyer of the Aston Martin wasn’t disclosed, but for just more than $4 million, someone bought the most famous car in the world.

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