Kia Borrego recall announced despite no one recalling the Borrego

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Kia Borrego

If anyone remembers the Kia Borrego, its under recall. Photo Credit: Navigator 84/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Kia has announced a recall for the Borrego, a full-sized SUV that was made by the company for only a single year. The issue is with the brake pedals, which can snap off in an accident and render the car useless.

The Kia what?

Every now and again, a defect is noted in a car that hardly anyone bought. A recall is then announced for the vehicle and most people who become aware of it are left scratching their heads as to what car it was that was being discussed. One such vehicle and subsequent recall is the recently-announced recall for the Kia Borrego, an SUV that was sold by the Korean automaker for only a single year in the United States.

The 2009 Borrego, according to AutoGuide, is subject of a recall due to an issue with non-adjustable brake pedals, which some models are equipped with. A total of 21,912 units of the SUV are affected. According to AutoBlog, the vehicles in question were manufactured between May 2, 2008 and Jan. 20, 2009.

Breaking while braking

The issue is with the brake pedal foot pad mounting, according to AutoGuide. The food pad to the brake pedal has a fiberglass resin mounting designed to shear the pad off in case of a serious accident, in order to avoid jamming the driver’s leg in a potentially dangerous position. Ironically designed as a safety feature, it has been discovered to be a liability.

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The idea was that in case of a serious crash, when the vehicle would not be able to nor should be operated afterward, the pad would snap off. However, it has been noted that the pad will shear off in light collisions, meaning the vehicle still can and needs to be operated by the driver. This effectively renders the brakes useless, putting the driver in danger of a second crash.

According to Inside Line, one incident was reported in 2009, followed by four more in 2010. A fifth incident report was given to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in February of this year. All incidents involved crashes, but whether the pedal was the cause is undetermined.

Kia will fix the pedal mounting for free at Kia dealerships. The recall is expected to begin in June.

The SUV that time forgot

If no one recalls the Borrego, there is a reason. According to Edmunds, the Borrego, a body-on-frame, full-size SUV, was manufactured for only a single year.

The Borrego, according to The Car Connection, internationally known as the Mohave, arrived in late 2008 the midst of high gas prices and thus barely moved from car lots. It was thirsty, coming with either a 276-horsepower 3.8-liter V-6 or 337-horsepower 4.6-liter V-8 engine, according to Edmunds.   Critically, it was very well received, but fewer than 10,000 people bought one in 2009, leading to Kia putting it on hold for 2010 and ultimately scuttling the model in favor of the Sorrento crossover.




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