Kelly Blue Book launches Trusted Marketplace

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Have you falled in love with a new car? Find out if you can afford it at Car Deal Expert.

Have you fallen in love with a new car? Find out if you can afford it at Car Deal Expert.

You probably know that Kelley Blue Book is the most trusted source of auto pricing and value information in the United States. But did you know that Kelley Blue Book recently started a new web site, called Trusted Marketplace, where you can shop for cars, too?

Trusted Marketplace allows you to look at cars for sale in your area, plus because it’s run by Kelley Blue Book you can look up the value of those vehicles and compare it to the asking price right there. It works much the same way as other car-buying web sites such as Autotrader and, it has the added bonus of the Kelley Blue Book values.

Get informed at Kelley Blue Book site

There are also plenty of reviews and news articles about vehicles at There is also information about motorcycles, personal watercraft and snowmobiles. There’s information on insurance for all types of vehicles and even a special section for environmentally friendly vehicles.

If fuel efficiency and emissions are a top priority for you in your car search, start at the KBB Green tab to find just what you’re looking for. The site is very user friendly and most vehicle listings come with photos. It also lists going rates for auto loans, so you can cross check the normal rates with the rates lenders offer through Car Deal Expert.

Trusted Marketplace features

To find the car of your dreams, or at least the car that will work for now, start by providing a location. You can widen or decrease the search area based on how far you’re willing to go for your car. Then, you can search for cars of a certain size, color, age, make or engine type.

Some dealers don’t provide a vehicle price for their listed cars, but there’s a convenient form on those listings that allows you to submit a request online to the dealer. Once you have found a car you like and how much it costs, you can find out from Car Deal Expert to find out whether you qualify for a big enough loan to buy it.

Car Deal expert plus Kelley Blue Book equals convenience

Of course, many people will choose to find out how much they are qualified to borrow before they fall in love with a car. Whichever point in the process you choose, Car Deal Expert will connect you with a lender. After the lender checks your credit and gets a few other pieces of information, you can be pre-approved for a loan.

Getting pre-approved for a loan doesn’t mean you agree to take that loan. It simply provides you and your car dealer with information regarding how much you can borrow if you choose. So with Kelley Blue Book to check the value, Trusted Marketplace to find the car and Car Deal Expert to get the financing, you can walk into the dealer fully prepared. Plus you can do all of that online in your pajamas.

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