Jaguar launching F-type roadster as throwback to classics

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Jaguar E-type

Jaguar has announced the F-type, a successor to the legendary E-type from several decades ago. Photo Credit: Morven/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

More car companies these days have a model or two that harkens back to a classic model that helped establish the brand. Jaguar is getting on board by announcing the F-type, a two-seat roadster like some of brand’s most storied models.

Drawing on classics

A number of car companies have been updating existing lines or introducing new models based on classic cars from decades past that are near and dear to people’s hearts. There’s the new generation of Chevrolet Camaro, Ford introduced a new retro style to the Mustang, Dodge released the Charger and the Challenger and Fiat launched the 500.

Jaguar, according to USA Today, has decided to take the same tack and release a new roadster called the F-type, a throwback to classic Jaguar roadsters that established the brand as one of the premier performance and luxury brands. For instance, there was the XKE or “E-type,” the convertible from the 1960s and ’70s that many consider to be one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Some might remember the XKE painted with the Union Jack paint job from the “Austin Powers” films.

Coming next year

The car is slated to go on sale in summer of 2013. It will likely make a debut at an auto show later this year. Only a few pictures have come out so far, featuring the car in white camouflage, but it bears a striking resemblance, according to Car and Driver, to the C-X16 concept car that Jaguar has displayed at a few auto shows.

The convertible model will be released first and, according to AutoBlog, a hardtop coupe version may follow later.

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No technical details are being released, except that it is going to have an entirely new engine, likely the supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 that was installed in the C-X16. Car and Driver expects it should produce about 350 horsepower. The C-X16 and the C-X75 concept cars both featured extensive use of hybrid technology, which may eventually find its way into the F-type. However, only a petrol-powered drive train is confirmed for the moment.

Price point

Jaguar says it will be priced below the XF but above competitors, according to AutoBlog, so it is expected to cost more than $50,000.

Assuming the car produces close to or more than 350 horsepower and base price is $55,000, that gives it the most bang for the buck in its class. The competition is the Audi TT roadster, Mercedes SLK, BMW Z4 and Porsche Boxster. The BMW and AMG are the closest in terms of horsepower, but not in price. Only the AMG SLK produces more than 350 hp, with 415, and it costs $67,500. The next closest is the $64,200, 335-horsepower BMW Z4 sDrive35is.


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