Jaguar C-X75 hybrid will feature a turbine engine

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Close-up of a commercial airline turbine engine fan blades.

That's right. The Jaguar C-X75 will have turbine power. (Photo Credit: CC BY/William Warby/Flickr)

One of the more exciting reveals at the recent Paris Auto Show was a concept hybrid car by Jaguar. The C-X75 has everyone in the industry excited over its electric hybrid system, which will include four independent in-wheel, 195-hp motors. There will also be a gas turbine-powered engine as a 180-hp backup when the batteries need charging. According to Popular Mechanics, the “micro” turbines in particular could lead the way in engine efficiency when it comes to hybrid vehicle design.

The Jaguar C-X75 will be a hybrid with real power

With the four primary electric motors, the Jaguar C-X75 can hit 60 mph in three seconds. At the present time, Jaguar estimates that a fully charged battery set will provide about 70 miles of travel before the gas-powered turbine engine kicks in. On a full tank of gas, the turbine engine will provide approximately 500 more miles before a recharge/fill-up is necessary, writes Popular Mechanics.

But what about those turbines

Two feet long and roughly the diameter of coffee cans, the micro turbines are custom-made for Jaguar by an English company called Bladon. And it is truly “blade on” when it comes to engine efficiency on the level of weight per power. The Jaguar C-X75’s use of a turbine engine – as opposed to the standard piston model – should perform with greater efficiency than a piston engine in relation to weight because of both the low overall vehicle weight and the mere 80-pound weight per micro turbine. According to Dr. Anthony Harper of Jaguar’s Research and Advance Engineering division, a piston engines weighs about five times as much.

Turbine engines are also flexible

Dr. Harper told Popular Mechanics that turbine engines can run on not only gasoline, but kerosene, diesel and ethanol, all without major alterations. Once Jaguar figures out how to manage the heat and noise that turbine engines generate, an electronic hybrid like the Jaguar C-X75 may very well set the standard for luxury hybrids that always bring their power to bear.


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