Italian earthquakes rock supercar makers

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Ferrari joined other automakers Tuesday in suspending work, following massive earthquakes. Image: The Car Spy/Flickr/CC BY

Italy’s top luxury supercar makers, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati, all suspended production Tuesday and sent workers home after the region was rocked by earthquakes.

Work suspended at factories

At this point, all three automakers say their assembly plants were not seriously damaged and that work has been merely suspended until Wednesday. All in all, about 5,000 workers have been sent home from the three factories.

Two massive quakes

The first earthquake, with a seismic magnitude of 5.8, stuck northern Italy in the province of Modena at around 9 a.m. Tuesday. The region includes the cities Bologna, Modena and Ferrara. The epicenter was about 40 kilometers north of Bologna. It was followed by a 5.6 magnitude aftershock just after 12 p.m., local time. At least 13 people are known at this time to have to have died in the quakes.

The quakes were felt as far north as Milan, the county’s financial capital, and as far south as Tuscany.

Demetrio Egidi, of the rescue services Egidi, reported to a local news agency that more than 100 people have been injured.

“At least 13 people are believed to have died,” he added.

On May 20, an earthquake of a similar magnitude rocked the region. That quake killed seven people.

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Ferrari workers with families

Ferrarri and its star driver Fernando Alonso both tweeted that the work suspension at its Maranello facility was more about letting its workers be with their families than it was about an real damage to the facility. The automaker said, via Twitter:

“All the workers and employees have been allowed to join their families.”

Lamborghini still processing

Lamborghini’s factory, just outside of Bologna, has so far reported no serious damage, though the automaker is still assessing the situation.

A Lamborghini spokesperson told Inautonews:

“Currently technical inspections are carried out in the Lamborghini factory in order to control if there are any structural damages that may harm work safety. All workers and employees have been send home. Work and production activities are supposed to be continued regularly on the 30th of May.”

Maserati factory damage unclear

Maserati’s factory in Modena was the closets to the epicenter of the quakes. According to one report, it has sustained some damage, although the extent of it remains unclear at this time. However, that plant, too , is reporting that work will resume on Wednesday.

The motorcycle-maker Ducati also closed its Borgo Panigale factory, near Bologna, for the day.



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