Hyundai Sonata recall affects 140,000 vehicles

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A diesel model of the cobalt blue Hyundai Sonata Comfort taxi at Cheng Yan Court in Singapore.

A diesel model Hyundai Sonata used as a tax in Singapore. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Terence Ong/Flickr)

The ability to steer a moving motor vehicle without plowing into oncoming traffic is necessary for safe driving. According to Consumer Reports, the recent Hyundai Sonata recall was spurred by the very same concern. Approximately 140,000 Hyundai Sonatas are being recalled beginning in October due to problems with the steering column intermediate shaft. Mechanical failure can cause a driver to lose the ability to steer their Hyundai, which in turn increases the risk of crash.

Separated universal joint connections prompted Hyundai Sonata recall

Faulty manufacturing, improper assembly or even insufficient joint tightening in Hyundai Sonatas built between December 11, 2009 and September 10, 2010 are factors that made the Hyndai Sonata recall necessary. Hyundai Sonata owners are encouraged to bring their recall-subject vehicles into their dealership for inspection of the universal joint connections and power steering software updates. These services will be performed free of charge, indicates Consumer Reports. If consumers have additional questions about the Hyundai recall, Hyundai’s customer service department can be reached at 800-633-5151.

Steering problems for Hyundai, Kia

The English-language version of the Chosun Ilbo newspaper recently reported that complaints over steering in the Hyundai Sonata sedan and Kia Soul multipurpose vehicle have sparked investigation by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Only one complaint was filed on the Soul, but that consumer posted a YouTube video, which proved to be viral. One element of the Chosun Ilbo report that is quite interesting is that the article points out that some have alleged that the U.S. may be intentionally targeting Hyundai after Toyota’s trouble, since “it is very unusual for a massive investigation to be triggered by a single complaint.”

The Hyundai Sonata and Kia Soul are the Korean automaker’s flagship models. In the first seven months of 2010, 108,000 Sonatas were sold in America, accounting for 46 percent of total sales by the automaker in the nation. Chosun Ilbo writes that 8,000 units of the Kia Soul were exported to the U.S. in July alone. Sales projections indicate that over 10,000 Souls will be sold per month in the second half of 2010.

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Hyundai Sonata power steering defect in action

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