Hyundai to lease hydrogen powered vehicles to Denmark

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The Hyundai Tucson is going hydrogen, and moving to Denmark. Image: TedsBlog/Flickr/CC BY

Hyundai is helping the Municipality of Copenhagen, Denmark to meet its goal of being carbon-neutral before 2025. The Korean automaker is leasing 15 hydrogen powered Tucson ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to the Danish capital.

Hydrogen powered Tucson ix35 SUVs

These revamped versions of the popular Tucson ix35 SUV are powered by hydrogen and give off zero emissions. They were developed at Hyundai’s Eco Technology Research Institute in South Korea. Denmark is very serious about adopting renewable energy sources for the entire nation. Hyundai is an industry leader in making eco-friendly vehicles. The unprecedented joint venture is fortuitous for both entities.

Niels Rønnebech, Managing Director of Hyundai Denmark, said:

“We are very proud The Municipality of Copenhagen has chosen us as the supplier of hydrogen vehicles. We consider it as evidence the municipality is aware of Hyundai’s leadership in eco-friendly vehicles. The municipality deserves high praise for leading the way in helping to develop new technology.”

A better eco-friendly system?

This new technology has many advantages over zero-emission electric vehicles and may present a more practical future for eco-friendly transportation. It turns hydrogen into electricity, which runs the car’s motor, and emits only water. Hyundai’s Tucson ix35 Fuel Cell SUVs can achieve 160 mph and it take only minutes to refuel. In addition, it should present none of the energy-sapping problems that lithium-ion batteries may have in the extreme temperatures faced in Denmark and other colder regions.

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Fourteen years in the making

Hyundai has been working on the fuel cell design since 1998. Its deal with Denmark offers the automaker an excellent showcase for the technology, as well as a practical test.  It says it wants to have the technology available for consumers to take out auto loans  on by 2015.

Hydrogen powered cars in showrooms by 2015

Other world automakers are also working to have hydrogen powered vehicles on the market by 2015. That is the earliest that most experts predict the vehicles will be supported by sufficient refueling infrastructure. Even so, some automakers, such as Mercedes-Benz, is shooting for an earlier target than 2015.

Denamrk, with its dedication to renewable energy, already has such infrastructure in place, making it the ideal location for a prolonged test of the hydrogen-powered vehicle in real-world conditions.

Copenhagen is set to receive the 15 Tucson ix35 Fuel Cell hydrogen powered vehicles by early next near.


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