Chicago gets peek at Hyundai Elantra coupe

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Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai is rolling out an Elantra Coupe. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Hyundai, along with other foreign automakers, is showing off upcoming models at the Chicago Auto Show. The Korean auto firm displayed the Elantra Coupe, as the brand is adding a new two-door to its lineup.

Hyundai says no to trucks

Hyundai is currently showing off new cars at the Chicago Auto Show, and the CEO of its American division, Hyundai Motor America, took some time to talk about the company’s corporate strategy for the future, according to Fox News.

CEO John Krafcik told the crowd that Hyundai could do better among the family crowd by expanding its lineup of six and seven-seat vehicles, as Hyundai dropped the Entourage minivan in 2010. The only three-row vehicle Hyundai currently offers is the Veracruz crossover.

Krafcik also commented on speculation that Hyundai may start building trucks, which he shot down by saying that brands are defined “as much by what they choose not to do as what they chose to.” He added that Hyundai could make trucks “if we wanted to” but is choosing to “focus on fuel efficient segments” instead.

New Elantra Coupe

Aside from discussing corporate matters, Hyundai also showed off the new Elantra Coupe, according to USA Today. According to Car and Driver, the two-door has the same dimensions as the sedan and all the same options, just two fewer doors. It does have a slightly different front grill and body styling.

Aside from that, it shares the same 1.8-liter, 148 horsepower four-cylinder engine. It also gets the same six-speed automatic or manual transmission, with Hyundai’s Active Eco transmission management system, which improves fuel economy. Though Hyundai already has several coupes available, such as the Genesis Coupe and the Veloster, the Elantra Coupe is aimed at knocking the Honda Civic coupe down a peg or two. Hyundai also showed off the new Elantra GT, a five-door hatch version. Both will go on sale later this year, as 2013 models.

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Genesis spin off rumored

Hyundai is rumored, according to AutoBlog, to be considering spinning off its performance cars into a separate sub-brand that would be sold through Hyundai dealerships. Customers have been observed to have dealers add the “Genesis” badges to Hyundai Genesis coupes and sedans. The Equus would join a potential Genesis sub-brand, if Hyundai does create a performance sub-division. It’s only a rumor at this stage, but the performance models would likely get a redesign and new naming nomenclature if it were to happen.


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