Honda to recall nearly 700,000 cars because of engine stall

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The Honda recall 2011 involves an improperly installed engine spring that can cause the engine to stall. (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/Agent009/Auto Spies)

MSNBC reports that Honda Japan will recall nearly 700,000 vehicles worldwide because of a defective engine spring that can cause the engine to stall. The Honda Fit, Freed and City compact car models are affected by the vehicle recall. At this time, no accidents or injuries have been reported that are related to the problem, but at least 72 complaints were filed in Japan and 29 elsewhere, said company spokesman Tomohiro Okada.

Honda engine spring not so Fit, should be Freed for replacement

In total, Honda anticipates recalling 167,000 cars in Japan, 156,000 in China, 233,000 in the rest of Asia and about 122,000 from North America. According to reports, the North American segment of the Honda recall will include 97,201 Honda Fits, model years 2009 and 2010.

Engine spring must be replaced

Okada informed the press that a motion spring from the engine valve train was placed improperly inside the engine. This assembly error can cause the spring to bend while compressed by rocker arms, creating abnormal engine noise. It can also cause a Honda engine to stall or become damaged. While no accidents have been reported related to this Honda recall, Honda customers who own one of the recalled vehicles are advised to take immediate action by contacting their dealerships.

What action Honda Fit, Freed and City owners should take

Notification to owners of recalled Honda vehicles will begin in early March, but those who suspect their vehicle is part of the recall may act sooner. To this end, Honda is providing customers with an online resource at so that they may determine whether their vehicle requires repair. In addition, a telephone hotline is available at 800-999-1909. Callers can reach the recall line by selecting 4  from the telephone menu.


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