Acura MDX and Honda Pilot recall over fuel leak

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Honda Pilot SUV

An Acura MDX/Honda Pilot recall has been announced, due to a faulty fuel tank valve case. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Honda has announced a recall for the Pilot crossover SUV and the MDX, Acura’s SUV based on the Pilot. An issue has been discovered in a valve in the fuel system, which can cause a fuel leak.

The issue

Honda is issuing a recall for 2012 model year Pilot crossover SUVs, according to AutoWeek, as well as for the Acura MDX, the Acura SUV that’s mostly based on the Honda Pilot. This recall is about an issue with a component in the fuel tank.

The problem is with the case for the vent-shut-float valve on a particular number of Pilot and MDX models. The case does not meet Honda or Acura’s design specifications. The valve itself is housed within the fuel tank, which means that a component which is not manufactured to the exact specifications can result in a fuel leak developing, posing a potential risk for fire.

The cause for the problem isn’t known, but automakers are not in the habit of naming parts suppliers in case of defective parts.

Fewer than 9,000 vehicles affected

The recall is thankfully small, as fuel leaks are particularly dangerous. There are only 8,709 vehicles named in the recall, according to AutoBlog, though neither Honda nor the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated how many Pilots and how many MDX units comprise the total number of vehicles.

The recall only covers vehicles from the 2012 model year, so it is likely that there was a run of bad parts from a parts manufacturer.

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There don’t appear to be any injuries, accidents, or fires that have been reported due to the defect and so the recall is likely preventative.

Fix will be free

Honda and Acura will be contacting owners sometime around March 13, according to Consumer Reports, and alerting them to the recall and also the fix for the problem. Owners will be directed to their local Honda or Acura dealership, where service technicians will inspect the vehicle. If the vent-shut-float valve is found to be defective, they will fix the problem without charge.

Concerned owners can contact Honda’s customer service hotline, toll free, at 800-999-1009 if they have any questions. The recalls are numbered S25 and S26.




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