Honda to expand Greensburg, Ind., production plant, add 300 jobs

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The Honda logo as displayed at a dealership.

Honda will invest $40 million to expand its Greensburg, Ind., plant. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/StaraBlazkova/Wikipedia)

Honda Motor Co. has announced that it will increase production at its Honda Manufacturing of Indiana plan in the city of Greensburg by 25 percent, or 50,000 units. Reports indicate that the plant, which currently employs 2,000 people, will be the first to produce the latest incarnation of the Honda Civic Hybrid by early 2013.

Honda invests $40 million in Indiana plant

By the end of 2012, Honda will create an additional 300 jobs at the Indiana factory, which has been in operation since October 2008. Positions created will involve stamping, welding, painting, plastic injection molding, sub-assembly and final assembly operations.

The $40 million investment in the facility and the additional of multiple extra shifts will enable Honda to produce 250,000 vehicles per year. This spring, workers at the Greensburg plant began assembling Acura ILX and ILX Hybrid vehicles. The latter hybrid is the first Honda has produced in North America.

Workers to follow fall’s second shift

Honda’s $40 million expansion of the Greensburg plant follows a second shift addition in the fall of 2011 that added 1,000 workers to the books at Honda Manufacturing of Indiana (HMIN). HMIN produces Honda’s Civic Sedan, as well as the Civic Natural Gas and the Acura ILX. The production repertoire makes HMIN among the “most diverse” alternative-fuel production-capable plants in North America.

“Our team in Indiana has successfully managed many challenges in its first four years, including the launch of three all-new models and the expansion of our production capacity is a result of their efforts,” said HMIN Senior Vice President Bob Nelson. “We are excited about these new opportunities for our plant, because it shows that the customer is embracing the products we make here in Indiana.”

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Adjusting the model mix

Nelson confirmed that the Greensburg expansion will provide greater flexibility for Honda’s production facilities across the region

“Increasing production in Indiana will provide us with increased flexibility to adjust model mix at our other plants in North America,” he said. “All of our plants build multiple models on the same lines, so our ability to adjust between models and among plants allows us to optimize use of our production capacity.”

The expansion will also reportedly enable HMIN to produce even more of its vehicles in North America. Last year, 85 percent of all Hondas sold in North America were produced there, which was the highest rate of an global automaker. In 2012, HMIN has its sights set on 90 percent.


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