Get a Honda Fit EV, free insurance tossed in as a bonus

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Honda Fit EV

To sweeten the deal with leasing a Honda Fit EV, free insurance is thrown in with it. Photo Credit: Ralf Roletschek/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Honda has unleashed its own electric vehicle, the Fit EV, an electric version of the Fit compact sedan. To help spur sales, the company wants to give people an incentive to buying the Honda Fit EV, free insurance.

With six of the Honda Fit EV, free insurance also comes with egg roll

Honda is releasing the Fit EV, an electric version of the Fit, Honda’s five-door compact hatchback.

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Honda isn’t rolling the car out nationwide, according to Time magazine, but rather giving it a limited release starting with California and Oregon. Select east coast cities follow next year, according to Popular Mechanics. It won’t be available to buy, but customers can lease it for $389 per month for qualified leasers.

However, Honda wants to sweeten the deal by throwing in a little something extra besides an electric car. If a person leases a Honda Fit EV, free insurance is thrown in.

Limited numbers though

Only a select number of customers will be able to get the Honda Fit EV with free insurance, according to the Los Angeles Times, as only the first 1,100 leasers are eligible. It’s one year of collision insurance,  with a $0 deductible. Liability coverage, with at least $100,000 per incident and $300,000 overall liability protection, has to be purchased by the driver as well.

The lease agreement doesn’t include a purchase clause at the end, according to Time. The car won’t be available for purchase for at least two years and few will be able to lease it, as the 1,100 offers of free insurance are the entire initial production run.

Honda looking to make Fit EV fun

The Environmental Protection Agency rates the Fit EV with a best-in-class 82 mile-range, compared to 76 for the Ford, 73 for the Nissan and 62 for the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, according to Businessweek, and rates it best-in-class at 118 miles per gallon-equivalent.

Underneath the Fit EV, according to Popular Mechanics, is the the 92 kilowatt-hour electric motor from Honda’s FCX Clarity, Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell car, equivalent to, according to Automobile magazine,  123 horsepower. Power is supplied by a 20-kWh Toshiba lithium-ion battery pack, according to Businessweek, smaller than the 24 kWh pack in the Nissan Leaf and the 23 kWh battery pack in the Focus Electric. The car also uses an improved version of the regenerative brake system on the Clarity, capturing 8 percent more energy from braking.

The Fit EV sits lower than the stock Fit and has a different grill and front fascia diffuser, resulting in a 14 percent lower coefficient of drag, improving aerodynamics. The motor uses three power settings, sourced from Honda’s CR-Z hybrid sport compact. “Econ” mode cuts power to 47 kilowatts in normal driving and 75 kilowatts when floored, extending range by 17 percent. Normal mode puts 75 kw on tap full-time and Sport boosts power to the full 92 kw.

The Fit EV comes with a 6.6-kilowatt charging system, which Honda says reaches full-charge in less than three hours on a 240-volt charging station and 15 hours on a 120-volt outlet, according to Popular Mechanics.



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