Acura ILX and Honda CR-V recall announced for faulty door

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Honda CR-V

An Acura ILX and Honda CR-V recall has been announced, for faulty door latch cables. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

An Acura ILX and Honda CR-V recall has been announced, as the rear doors on the cars could fly open. The issue is caused by a fault in the door latch for the front doors, posing a danger to driver and passengers.

Honda CR-V recall only for current model year

Honda, according to the Washington Post, has issued a recall for the uber-popular CR-V compact crossover as well as the Acura ILX, Acura’s entry-level luxury sedan. The two cars don’t share much DNA, as Acura’s compact crossover, the RDX, is not affected.

The Acura ILX and Honda CR-V recall only covers the 2013 models, the current model year. Approximately 172,000 cars are involved in the recall, including 166,000 CR-V crossovers and 6,200 Acura sedans. The recall is global, as there are 321,453 affected units in total after including recalled vehicles in other countries, according to Auto Guide.

The CR-V, according to Automobile magazine, is among the most popular crossovers in the U.S. Honda has sold 146,682 from Jan. 1 to the end of June, the most of any crossover and almost 20,000 more than the next most popular by sales volume, the Ford Escape.

Swinging doors

The issue is with faulty front door latches. The problem, according to AutoGuide, is that if the door handle is used, while the power door lock or manual door lock buttons are being pressed, it can cause the door latch cable to the door handle to loosen for the driver side or front passenger side doors.

If the door cable loosens, it can cause the door to not latch properly. Adequate tension will not be provided and the door will be loose, making it possible for the door to blow open. It can occur at any time, including when the car is traveling at highway speed. Honda is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the problem.

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The doors could possibly open even if the locks are engaged should the issue manifest itself, according to the Washington Post. Adequate tension is not being maintained to hold the doors closed.

Letters in the mail

Honda will begin notifying Acura ILX and Honda CR-V owners by mid-August. The fix will be free, and since the cars are basically brand-spanking new, it darn well better be. Owners need only take their Acura ILX and Honda CR-V to their nearest Honda dealership. Service technicians will inspect the door latch cables and if necessary, perform any repairs or replace any parts required to fix the flaw in the door latch.


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