Faulty headlight wiring cited in Honda Civic recall

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A Honda Pilot and Honda Civic recall has been announced for faulty headlight switch wirinig, an expansion of an earlier recall. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A Honda Civic recall has been announced for a number of the 2002 and 2003 model year Civics, as well as the 2004 to 2005 Honda Pilot, totaling more than 820,000 vehicles. The issue is with faulty headlight wiring, which can cause low-beam headlights to stop working.

Bad switch results in Honda Pilot, Honda Civic recall

Honda, according to AutoGuide, has issued a recall for the 2002 and 2003 Honda Civic as well as the 2004 and 2005 Honda Pilot SUV, as a defect has been discovered in with a headlight switch in the wiring for the headlights.

More than 820,000 vehicles are affected in the Honda Civic recall.

The recall itself, according to the Los Angeles Times, is an expansion of a recall announced earlier this year in March, for the 2003 Honda Pilot as well as the 2002 through 2004 Honda CR-V, comprising roughly 550,000 vehicles, the second recall expansion Honda has announced inside a week. The other recall that was expanded was a recall of the Acura TL to include the Honda Accord V6, due to leaking power steering hoses.

Lights can fail

The issue in the Honda Civic recall is with the headlight switch, or more specifically, the switch for turning the high-beams on or off. The wires in the switch, according to the Washington Post, is prone to overheating. This can cause the switch to melt.

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As a result, the low-beam headlights can stop working, just as in the earlier CR-V and Pilot recall. Naturally, this is a safety risk, as it means the low beam headlights can stop working while possibly driving at night, leading to a loss of visibility and thus a higher risk of a crash.

Thankfully, no crashes have been reported as a result of the issue, nor have any injuries. It isn’t known if the defect and therefore the recall are the result of a manufacturing defect in parts from a supplier, as car makers are not in the habit of ‘fessing up if or when that’s an issue.

Fix is for free

Owners of cars affected by the Honda Civic recall will be contacted in the near future. All they will have to do is take their cars to the nearest dealership of Honda, Austin, Tx., to Minneapolis, to Portland, Ore., to Portland, Maine. Service techs will inspect the headlight switch wiring. The switch will be replaced if need be.

Anyone shopping for a used Honda Civic or Pilot should be aware that the Honda Civic and Honda Pilot recall could potentially affect their headlights. Honda will still fix it for free, however, if the defect is present.



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