Gas recall serious enough to worry about but exceedingly rare

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BP pump

BP has issed a gas recall for some contaminated gasoline in Indiana, a very rare occurrence. Photo Credit: Aaron Lawrence/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Recently, BP, aka British Petroleum, issued a gas recall for gasoline from an Indiana refinery that had been contaminated. Though contaminated fuel can play havoc with a vehicle’s power train and people should be aware of it, it is an incredibly rare instance.

BP gas recall a rare instance

The oil spill was apparently not enough, because the world’s least favorite gas company is now mucking up people’s cars. According to AutoBlog, British Petroleum, usually referred to as BP has issued a gas recall, for a batch of contaminated gasoline from a BP refinery in Whiting, Ind. Contaminated gasoline from the facility has gone out to numerous stations in northeast Indiana and northwest Illinois, which has caused some problems for motorists in that area.

Rough starts or a failure to start is being reported by some motorists, according to ABC Chicago.

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The gasoline in question is believed to be from a single storage tank. It is regular unleaded-grade fuel, according to AutoBlog, and went to a number of distributors, including Meijer, Thornton’s, Luke Oil and Costco. One customer had a $1,200 repair bill after draining and flushing the fuel lines, cleaning the injectors and replacing the spark plugs.

Most bad gas is from enchiladas

Repairs for damage from contaminated gas is not covered under warranty, so if a person in the affected region were to take their car to, say, a Valpariso Mazda dealer, the cost is coming out of pocket. BP, according to AutoBlog, guarantees their fuel and, according to BP’s fuel guarantee, they will reimburse customers for any “fuel-related repairs.”

Though the gas recall is worrying and having a car full of gas that won’t get the car to work while still  making vehicle loans payments on is frustrating, instances of contaminated fuel and subsequent fuel recalls are fairly rare.

Some of the few that seem to have occurred in the past few years is a gas recall from a refinery in Minnesota. According to Minnesota Public Radio News, a Mankato, Minn., refinery recalled a large consignment of gas after testing revealed too much ethanol had been added, containing more than the standard 10 percent. An incident of a contaminated batch of fuel similar to the Indiana gas recall occurred in August 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, according to

Most fuel recalls not for motor vehicle fuel

Gas recalls for gasoline or diesel don’t occur too often. Most fuel recalls are for fuels other than those used in motor vehicles and those are still rare. For instance, one fuel recall was for a gel fuel used in decorative torches and similar devices, according to CBS Los Angeles, which was issued in June of this year.

Other fuel recalls, like propane recalls, also occur, though infrequently. A list of recalls for gas, fuel and related products on, which compiles recall information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, lists only three propane recalls going back to the year 2000 in CPSC recalls.



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