Ford Performance getting a 12 model lineup

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From now on, all hot-rodded Fords shall be dubbed "Ford Performance," with 12 models to choose from in coming years. Image from Wikimedia Commons

From now on, all hot-rodded Fords shall be dubbed “Ford Performance,” with 12 models to choose from in coming years. Image from Wikimedia Commons

Ford is releasing a lineup of high-power models in coming years, and instead of just calling them Fords, Dearborn has declared a new line called “Ford Performance.” It’s odd, because they already had a team called SVT but whatever – new Fords with gusto!

So it’s called Ford Performance now

Apparently just selling the damn things wasn’t good enough, now any Ford with guts is going to be part of the “Ford Performance” brand, according to Car and Driver. On top of that, there are going to be a lot of them.

It might be pointed out that to get the best out of a Ford, one used to turn to Saleen, Roush or Shelby, but never mind all that.

However, for those who absolutely insist on buying hot cars from the Blue Oval, commence to rejoicing, because they have something for just that demographic. In the next five years, Dearborn is going to be unleashing 12 (count ’em) performance models from the Ford lineup under the “Ford Performance” banner.

Part of rebranding campaign

What formerly used to be sold as an SVT, Ford Racing, RS or otherwise (except if it’s a Shelby – Shelby is always going to be Shelby) will now be branded “Ford Performance,” which is somewhat in keeping with the company’s branding strategy of the past few years. Ford has been on a globalization kick, which they dubbed “Global Ford.” The Focus you buy in Los Angeles is the same as in London, Tokyo, Beijing, Johannesburg and so on.

In other words, they don’t want to bother selling anything in just one or two markets.

Anyone notice the newer generation of the Escape? Well, the reason it went from a respectable box shape to it’s current guise is that it’s the same as the Ford Kuga CUV sold in other markets, and they decided that body style was better. It isn’t all bad though; the new one looks nice and that foot-activated liftgate is some trick.

What this means in reality

In the real world, the Ford Performance brand basically means a different name on the paperwork for hotter Fords. The models, according to Jalopnik, are going to be the same hot Fords we’re all used to. Hot-hatch Focus and Fiesta models (such as the RS and ST variants), Raptor pickups, Mustangs, etc.; they will now be “Ford Performance.

They will still call the Shelby a Shelby. A riot would happen otherwise.

Regardless of whatever name is attached, the cars in question are selling. Sales for Ford’s performance cars have risen 70 percent in the United States and 14 percent in Europe since 2009, and there are an awful lot of great reviews for their hot hatches.

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