Ford Focus Electric and C-Max hybrids out to upset competition

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Ford C-Max

The Ford Focus Electric and C-Max hybrid models are said to be more efficient than competitors. Photo Credit: M93/Wikimedia Commons.

Ford is releasing two eco-friendly models soon, the Focus Electric and the C-Max hybrid. Both are aimed at knocking competitors, like the Toyota Prius and the Nissan Leaf, off their pedestals.

Ford asserts Focus Electric is more efficient than Leaf

Ford recently fired a warning shot at Nissan, according to AutoWeek, by asserting that the Focus Electric is more efficient than the Leaf or the Chevrolet Volt going by the federal “mpg-e” or miles per gallon equivalent. That’s the equivalent mileage a car would get if it were using a gasoline engine, or how far a car goes on the amount of electric energy equivalent to the energy produced by a gallon of gasoline.

The Focus Electric, according to Ford, will get more than 100 mpg-e. The Leaf gets 99 mpg-e and the Volt gets 94 mpg-e. The Mitsubishi i will get 112 mpg-e, but it’s a two-door city car rather than a five-door mid-sized hatchback and, according to AutoBlog, a two-plus-two rather than a true five-seater.

C-Max aimed at Prius

Ford also, according to USA Today, says that the upcoming C-Max hybrid and C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid will be more fuel efficient than the typical Toyota Prius and the plug-in Prius. Ford tweaked the C-Max to be able to still operate with electric power at high speeds, which allows for greater fuel efficiency than Toyota’s hybrid.

According to AutoBlog, the C-Max plug-in is slated to have a range of at least 500 miles, which is more than the Chevy Volt.
The fantastic claims that Ford is making have yet to be totally substantiated, as production on the the two C-Max models have yet to begin, and the cars won’t even go on sale until late 2013, according to Automobile Magazine.

No gas model though

According to AutoWeek, Ford considered bringing a typical C-Max model to the United States, but it will only be releasing the hybrid and plug-in models. The C-Max is about the same size as a Focus, a strong sellert.

The Focus Electric will benefit from the charging system that Ford is building into its green models. Ford is equipping them with a 6.6 kilowatt charger, which is twice as powerful as the typical charging system in other plug-in hybrids. However, consumers will have to hook them up to a 240-volt outlet and a special 32-amp charging setup made by Levitron, which costs $1,499; the cost includes the installation. The car should fully charge in three hours. It isn’t known whether the C-Max will have the same charging system.




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