Ferrari F 620 to debut in Geneva

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Ferrari 599

The Ferrari 599 is being succeeded by the automaker's F 620. Image: torquspeak/Flickr/CC BY

The German automotive magazine Auto Bild reported earlier this week that the new Ferrari flagship super car, dubbed the F 620 GT, will make its world debut in March at the international auto show in Geneva, Switzerland. The new sports car is the next-generation successor to the high-end 599 GBT Fiorano.

Ferrari: Codename F 152

According to Auto Bild magazine, the 710 horsepower sports car was codenamed the F 152 GT during its development by the House of Enzo Anselmo Ferrari. However, word is that by the time the car reaches the showrooms around the world, it will have been re-christened the F 620 GT.

Caught in spy shots road testing

Ferrari has yet to issue any official reports or images of the F 620 GT, but it has been caught in spy shots out on test drives. Printed by Auto Bild magazine, the pictures of the new model show a front end design that borrows heavily from the Ferrari FF.

Other modified features of the FF seem to have carried over, as well.

Engine modified from the FF

The F 620 will also likely pack the same direct-injection, 6.3-liter V12 engine as the FF, only with an added boost of 90 horsepower. The engine will also sit in the front of the vehicle, just like in the FF.

Eschews all-wheel-drive

Unlike the FF, the F 620 will likely eschew all-wheel-drive for a more traditional rear wheel momentum.

Seven-speed transmission

The gearbox is expected to be a beefed-up version of the seven-speed twin-clutch transmission used in the automaker’s 458 Italia.

Fuel saving measures incorporated?

Rumors have abounded that the car may debut with some type of energy efficient, fuel-saving system in anticipation of the ever-tightening fuel consumption restrictions in many countries around the world. Those rumors are unconfirmed, but it is expected the car will feature a start-stop system.

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All will be revealed in Geneva

While much of this remains conjecture, the accuracy of Auto Bild’s predictions will be tested when the F 620 GT is revealed in Switzerland come March. More information and more teaser images are likely to surface before that time.

So it time to day goodbye to the long-standing 599 and bring on the F 620, the new crown in the House of Enzo’s line-up.




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