Volkswagen to produce Fender Beetle concept

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VW Beetle

Volkswagen has confirmed the Fender edition of the Beetle will go into production. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Volkswagen showed a special edition of the Beetle last year that paid tribute to Fender, the famous guitar company that also does some stereo equipment for VW. The car, dubbed the Fender Beetle by the press, has been given the go-ahead for production.

Concept edition given the go-ahead

Volkswagen has a premium audio package by Fender Guitars available on certain Volkswagen cars and only with premium trim levels. It isn’t entirely a gimmick; Fender has been making amplifiers for almost as long as it has been making guitars, which were favored by a number of artists such as Keith Richards, Ted Nugent and many others.

As a tribute to this relationship, Volkswagen created a custom Beetle that was taken to auto shows in 2011, according to Car and Driver. The Fender Beetle, as it was dubbed, had “Fender” logos in the interior, a tube amplifier built into the dash along with an iPod dock and the Fender audio system. There was also a Fender guitar amp built into the rear hatch compartment. The car has been, according to AutoGuide, green-lit for production.

Losing some features

The production model will share some features with the concept. The roof will still be wrapped in leather, and the interior is going to likely still feature the unique “sunburst” wood trim. Sunburst is a two-tone wood finish unique to guitars that uses black paint on the outer edge of the guitar, which blends into a wood stain finish in the interior. Fender’s “sunburst” guitars are archetypical for the finish and highly desirable among collectors.

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A subwoofer is still going to be mounted in the back, according to Car and Driver, but there will be no guitar inputs or knobs for adjusting the tone. Guitarists can plug in to the audio system but will have to do it via an auxiliary jack or Bluetooth. The dashboard tube amplifier is also not going to be installed in the Beetle Fender Edition.

However, according to AutoGuide, the chrome accents, guitar pick-shaped hood ornament and red-and-black paint scheme are all staying. The Fender Beetle will sit lower than the stock Beetle, but not as low as the original.

If you want V-Dub, you got it

This isn’t Volkswagen’s first foray into appealing to music geeks. In 2006, according to MotorTrend,Volkswagen started offering a Volkswagen-edition First Act guitar with certain cars. The owner could plug the guitar straight into the dash and wail away. The ad campaign featured commercials starring Slash, John Mayer and Christopher Guest as Nigel Tufnel from “This is Spinal Tap.” Granted, because the car was a Volkswagen, the motor didn’t “go to 11.”

A date isn’t set for when it goes on sale, but what is for sure is that it will cost a pretty penny. The top-of-the-line trim for the standard Beetle starts at $24,095 and $27,995 for the top trim of the Beetle Turbo. The Fender Beetle is likely to be close to $30,000, before options.


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