Feds looking into Hyundai Veloster exploding sunroof

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The NHTSA is looking into late model Hyundai Veloster subcompacts, which have a slight knack for an exploding sunroof. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into claims of “exploding sunroof” in Hyundai Veloster subcompacts. There have been several complaints of the panoramic sunroof basically bursting apart, though thankfully there haven’t been injuries.

Exploding sunroofs prompts involvement from federales

A sunroof or moonroof is a nice addition to a car, as it’s a great way to get a little light or for passnegers to enjoy the view of the outside world. Besides, no one wants to check out the creepy hairs on the back of the driver’s neck.

At any rate, the last thing a person expects after buying a car with a sunroof is to be driving down the roof only for the thing to go “boom” and shower the interior of the car with shards of broken glass. Unfortunately, a number of Hyundai Veloster owners have been complaining of exploding sunroofs have been been reporting it to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, according to AutoGuide.

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As a result, the agency is opening an investigation into the matter.

No injuries

Thankfully, there are no injuries that have been reported due to shattering or exploding sunroofs in the Hyundai Veloster, according to Inside Line. There have been 11 complaints of it so far, all of which, according to the Washington Post, are from the 2012 model year. There are 18,000 Velosters with the sunroof in the U.S.

There isn’t a discernible pattern in the panoramic sunroof exploding, as some cars were parked and not operating. Others were driving. At least one instance occurred where the owner was actually washing the car when the sunroof exploded, according to the owner, six feet in the air. However, seven of the sunroof explosions occurred while driving at highway speed.

At the moment, it’s just a preliminary investigation, in that the NHTSA is just looking into it. Whether or not a recall results from it remains to be seen. However, anyone thinking of maybe getting a Veloster should at least be aware of it before breaking out the auto payment calculator.

Only an investigation

Just what the defect is remains to be seen in the Veloster exploding sunroof incidents. Some other companies have had similar troubles, leading to recalls.

Audi, according to the New York Times, recalled about 13,000 Q5 SUVs earlier this year for an exploding sunroof, wherein the front panel of the panoramic sunroof could shatter at cold temperatures.

A sunroof defect also resulted in a recall from Subaru, according to AutoGuide, when the company recalled 69,590 Legacy and Outback vehicles for glass panels on sunroofs that could detach and fly off the car in September of 2011.



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