EV Project to provide free chargers for urban EV drivers

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Nissan LEAF

The charging port of a Nissan LEAF. Image: Club RACC/Flickr/CC BY

The EV Project, managed by the firm ECOtality, has announced that it will now provide free Blink smart charging stations for green motorists and firms in Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia.

The EV Project

The United States has been slow in adopting plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles as a method of cutting down on harmful vehicle emissions and helping to alleviating the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. Part of the problem has been the lack of infrastructure — in other words, sufficient charging facilities — in American localities. The EV Project is attempting to rectify that situation by providing chargers to qualified individuals and commercial entities.

The EV Project, a public-private partnership, began in 2009, when it was awarded a grant of $99.8 million dollars from the U.S. Department of Energy. It is managed by ECOtality, a leading electric transportation and storage technology firm. In 2010, the project was granted an additional $15 million.

LEAF and Volt owners

In order to qualify for a free Blink charger, a resident or business in one of the metropolitan areas must own either a plug-in Nissan LEAF or a Chevrolet Volt. There are some other restrictions, but once approved, a qualified business or EV owner will receive a wall-mounted Blink charger unit, free of charge. In addition, they will also receive a $400 credit for the installation of the unit.

Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia are only the latest cities to participate in the program. They join 11 other metropolitan areas across the nation that are already involved in the effort.

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Don Karner, Chief Innovation Officer of ECOtality, said:

“Now people interested in electric transportation in the Atlanta/Chicago/Philadelphia regions can join The EV Project and help us build a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations. By signing up for a free charger, EV owners can take part in this massive research project that can help reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil. We are excited about bringing The EV Project to the greater Atlanta/Chicago/Philadelphia regions. With the expansion of this new market, The EV project is now in nine states and 21 major metropolitan areas throughout the country.”

To participate

Business hosts and residents that may qualify can sign on at http://www.theevproject.com/sign-up.php. Plug-in EV owners in other cities not yet yet covered by the program may also want to contact the project or their local legislators about adopting the effort in their neck of the woods.


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